Kennedy fights back over soft on crime claim

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. One for PTP :D

    Kennedy on crime
  2. Hw many comments have been taken out of context in that piece 8O

    I appreciate David Davis is doing his job as a Polly , and of course it takes some heat off the boy Flight.

    The main thrust of Charlie Krankies' proposal, is we don't imprison women with kids, i.e. Mum gets lifted, kids into care,dramas, more expense incurred, all for a 50 quid skirt etc.

    The arguments about first time burglars revolves around "prison corrupts"

    Get a first time burglar, bang him up, you're effectively sending him to Crims university. He gets out, and graduates to something else.

    There was a discussion between some of us some time ago about 'Secure training centres" ie . somewhere where first time or light offenders would be forced to attend to damn well learn something of benefit to society. The basic idea is you are educated in a fairly hard regime and come out, with a qualification recognised by employers and a clean sheet. Re-offend after that , and the book got thrown at you.

    Oh you'd be fitter too. Not sure how far the proposal meant to go, but I liked the idea of MCTC with workshops :twisted:
  3. See thats thr thing PTP, an institution like the one you describe would be wholy desireable and would undoubtedly get the backing of the vast majority of the country, the only problem with it is that it has been done before, its known as prison :twisted:

    Unfortunately the PC brigade have transformed prison from a punishment/detterent into a holiday camp/University of crime for todays crims. :roll:
  4. A pretty biased piece from the Torygraph

    I don't agree with the Ginge on a lot of his crime proposals, but prison as it stands is not working, and banging up offenders such as drug addicts is not helping.
  5. We have the highest crime rate in the developed world and the most lenient penal code.

    Well fc*k me! My dog can work out the correlation on that one.

    Prison DOES work if the sentence is severe enough to act as a deterrent. A two year MINIMUM mandatory jail term (with time added for bad behavior) for burglary would cut it to a fraction of the present rate.

    Lock the scum up I say
  6. Lock the scum up? Far too soft, let them out each day for at least 12 hours on a healthy fresh air safari holiday known as the chain gang. get em cleaning up canals, rubbish strewn road verges etc, keeps the place tidy, costs fcuk all and if one of them tries to do a runer and gets dragged under a truck...the rest follow!
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Agree with sandy – says it very well. The drinking gwar has no real idea – you cannot say it is fair and justified to not send a woman to prison because she has a child. Imprisonment is not about saving money it is about punishment and rehabilitation. That is just woolly thinking, to steal a pollie term. Besides why is a scotish MP in parliament anyway, bloody porridge wogs :twisted:
  8. "MCTC with workshops"
    yes and plenty of physical training, would work wonders.
  9. Probably make them fitter than the coppers trying to catch thenm the next time! :wink: