Ken you ladybits

I am sorry, but is this not exactlt what the terrorists want? Thereby making Ken's comments sound like appeasement.

Sky News
Fair do's, he does come across better in the Garudian article. Mental note to self..Wider reserach required before sweeping statement...45 minutes...WMD...etc....etc.
The London bombings, demand clear thinking, not rhetoric. People's lives depend on the decisions made. These must be for every community to aid the police in preventing attacks; to treat Britain's Muslim community with respect, both because it is right and to shrink the pools terrorists operate in; and for Britain to withdraw from Iraq.
Ain't that the truth? :D
The guys still a tool!

He tars the British service personnel with the same brush as the spams!

Why do people like him never chose to acknowledge all the hard work and good things that have happened in the UK run sector?

Answer: because that would depirve him of a significant part of his skewed and transparently anti-american argument.
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