Ken Whartons latest book based on our efforts in NI

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by ugly, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sadly with NI in the news again! This is about to be released by Ken Wharton, the second compilation of soldiers stories from service in Northern Ireland

  2. I flicked through the index in the shop and found that he had managed to get unit names wrong. That tends to suggest a poorly researched book. A bit like that superb work of fiction by Damien Lewis "Bloody Heros" where he refers to the "Royal Intelligence Corps"

    Get the basics right, and I might read it
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    He was a green jacket and althugh for the 1st book I offered to proof read it I wasnt taken up on it, mind you the MoD gets unit names wrong even now although thats no benchmark is it!
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    This is from Ken;
  5. I've read the book and all I can say is what a what a wonderful tribute Mr Wharton's book is to all those who served and sacrificed in NI.

    I have to say I really had no idea how bad things were in the 70's and 80's - I think we as the Army have what we do on Ops now far better represented, not that he was around then but could you imagine a "Ross Kemp in NI!":) I digress.

    The only sadness with the book was the end where Mr Wharton pondered Northern Ireland's future - within days of me finishing "A Long Long War" two Sappers and Policeman lay dead in the province. Like everyone I hope that is the end of it.

    Thanks for a brilliant book Mr Wharton and thanks to all who served on OP Banner - you are not forgotten.
  6. Hantslad

    I don't wish to become embroiled into an argument about my books; I have enough fighting the MOD without former soldiers turning on one another. I spent a year before the first book was published and an incredible amount of research went into it. I managed to identify 960 lads who never came back (MOD claims 731) With the help of some mates at NIVA and a lot of digging, the ROH in the new book lists 1188 names. By my third book, I hope to id most of the 1300 which NIVA claim are the true total.

    Buy the first book and if you don't find it well researched, I will personally give you your money back. Do we have a deal ?

    Best wishes
  7. Farmboy

    The name is Ken, mate; Mr Wharton was my Dad and he sadly died last week. Many thanks for your kind words and as long as I have the support of comrades like you, I will go on writing. If you or any other NI vets wish to write for the third book, my e-mail is

    I look forward to hearing from you and I hope that Hantslad will trust me enough to give me his stories also.

    Best wishes
  8. ken,

    really enjoyed your book. i know one of the writers (RO from Brecon) - funny to hear his memories from the 70s! i served there twice, from 91-93 then 2004-06. very, very different tours.

    i too find it surprising that hantslad reacted somewhat dismissively to the first book - i can't think what unit he is referring to.

    personally, i thought the level of research which went into the first book was obvious. highly recommended, and making the wife read it too.

    when is the next one released?
  9. When will it be in the shops Ken, I have an account in Waterstones and will order it the afternoon. I shall ask some of my old mates about your offer to publish their storys, I was there 13.4.69-2.6.69 9.3.70--1.12.70 1.8.73--1.12.73 all as air crew in 17/21 lancers air sqn and then 3.11.75--4.3.76 in Belfast City centre, your first book real got to me and I look forward to reaing the second,
  10. UGLY: Ken wasnt a Green Jacket he was a GREEN HOWARD. XIX
  11. Ugly

    How dare you link me in with the Green Custards ? :D I have a lot of friends in the Howards but I wasn't one of them.

    best wishes
  12. Tropper 66

    Thanks, mate; would be delighted to have you and your mates in the third book (prov: 'Bloody Belfast') 'Bullets, Bombs and Cups of tea' should be available in mid-May. Was due in mid-April, but the MOD have arsed about as usual and delayed things and made me remove some things that weren't strictly kosher under ROE. They also made me remove a story of the 'Winthrop' Method.

    best wishes
  13. CR

    Thanks, mate; a lot of effort went into the first book and if I have made any mistakes, then let me know, lads and I promise that I will rectify them.

    'Bullets, Bombs and Cups of Tea' was due out mid-April but as I explained to Tropper66, the MOD delayed things and it looks as though it will be in the shops about mid-May. I have my father's funeral to arrange for next week, so time is not with me at the moment.

    Best wishes
  14. I put a bit about your book on thr 17/21 Lancers website so you might get some info. I will Email you about my time in Belfast latter in the week as SOP has just demanded that I take her to lunch as it is such a nice day. Regards henpecked