Ken Snell RIP

Today I was saddened learn about the passing of Ken Snell, who succombed to cancer last Sunday evening.

Ken had fought a battle against cancer for 2 years.

Most will know of Ken during his time at Mil Trg Wing. I personally knew him at 4 Bde and it was always a pleasure to bump into him at Army V Navy games thereafter.

A big man with a big presence but a true gentleman at heart.

RIP Ken.

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i was at ouston in 1979 with Ken Snell , Kohima troop, was always a cheerfull sort of bloke who would help out , came from down the south coast way if i remember right. Sad news.
Didn't really know him, but seemed a decent egg. Sad news. RIP and condolences to his family. Certa Cito.

Nice to see the OP is still lurking on the site. Go easy down there E-Layer.
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