Ken Russell Dies, Director of Rock Opera 'Tommy'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fat_Cav, Nov 28, 2011.

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  1. " . . . and that's a wrap!" Yes it is for ken!

    Can't say I've seen Women In Love, as I waiting for it's sequal Woman In Latex. Two men nude wrestling? Mmm . .I think I'll give it a miss.

    Personally i thought the old git had died years ago.

    And before anyone else checks, he wasn't a nominee in the ARRSE Dead Pool list

    BBC News - Ken Russell, Women In Love director, dies at 84
  2. Gary Speed and now weird Ken Russel! If the pope pops his clogs this week to complete my useless dead celeb treble i'll be worth a ****ing mint!
  3. Ken Russell, what a guy, the world is a fruit loop less now. However, have you read his account of meeting the Goody's in CBB?

    Ken Russell: How Jade Baddy drove me out of Big Brother | Mail Online

    Describing Jade Goody's Mum,

    "Later the mother told me she'd been in a motorcycle accident in which she had 'died' for nine hours, and I realised what had happened to her - she was brain dead. It all made sense"

    And of Goody herself and her Mother:

    "I grew up in the slums of Southampton, but I have never heard such talk. There used to be a word for such low-lifes - guttersnipes. I haven't used that word for more than 60 years - not until I met that girl and her mother"

    Now there was a guy that could, and would, say it as it was!