Builds Ken Miles Le Manns 1966 Ford GT 40 Mk2, 1/25th scale car by Fujimi


the colours are listed in mixing lists as gulf powder blue and gulf tangerine (guy I worked for a few years ago was part of the race team)
I've agreed to a car group build over on Brexit Modeller, so I thought I'd share it here on the Arrse modelling pages, this has of course slowed my progrees on other projects, my M3 Grant and crashing KamiKaze, but it's a simple kit with a low parts count, so shouldn't hold me up for long.
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always admired the lines of the GT40, it's low slung body, wide tires filling the arches, but there's another dimension to this subject, Ken the driver, being a British lad, and an ex WW2 Tankie. He was both a phenomenal driver and car developer.
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The recent Movie "Ford V Ferrari" staring Christian Bale playing Ken, and Matt Damon.

tells the story and is well worth checking out.
Check out the documentary film The 24 Hour War for the truth about Ford v Ferrari rather than the Hollywood version.
a very light airbrushing of road dirt, calling this one done.
final positioning and weathering.jpg


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They are an incredibly tight fit. I have sat in a couple of real one's and passengered in a few quality replicas - as close to the real thing as you could get. At 6'1" I had to scrunch down in the seat and sort of pull my head down into my shoulders. Dan Gurney was 6'4" and they came up with the Gurney bubble to put onto the top of the door for him so that he could sit up straight'ish. I had problems seeing out of the windscreen at my height, Gurney must have had a hell of a time with the extra height he had - the rumour is that he also had the seat more or less removed to allow his arrse to be an inch, or so lower too. Its no way to be driving a 24 hour race.

The only bloke I have seen comfortably get in and out of a GT40 is Jackie 0liver, who like most racing drivers is jockey sized.

the hard top 917's had a similar bulge for some of the taller drivers.
some last shots of the finished car, next time you'll see it is when I glass case it up. I'll share some pictures of that on here when it's done.
finished a.jpg

finished b.jpg

finished c.jpg

Ken Miles, drives off into the distance, So long Ken.
finished d.jpg
glass case glued down over the base, for several hours it's a good Idea to sit this on old newspapers to protect the surface of the table/cabinet, as glue could ooz out and spoil my day.
glass case glue ooz newspaper b.jpg

glass case glue ooz newspaper.jpg


Bung that on fleabay & some punter petrolhead will pay a few hundred for the privilege of owning that. Oppo of mine is a semi-pro modeler doing commissions & clears £400+ for the likes of Meng 1/16 RC are a gold mine.

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