Ken Lukowiak

Ken's an odd one; to my knowledge he's only ever written two books "A Soldier's Song", possibly the best book written about modern warfare by a participant, which was subsequenntly adapted for the stage, and "Marijuana Time", about 2 Para's postponed post-Falklands tour of Belize in 1983 and the authors early attempts at free enterprise/dope smuggling and his imprisonment as a result thereof.

He writes, occasionally, for some of the Sunday supplements, but does anyone know what he's up to? He's best known on this site as being Wonkeye Broons predecessor, the then Sarah Macauley's "bit of rough", but he should be known as an author. If anyone knows him, or if Ken himself is reading, can he please put pen to paper again? His style of writing is fantastic, and I have lost count of how many copies of "A Soldiers Song" I have bought, read, lent out, and not got back..

You could try contacting him via but that might be OOD...

Have you read Escaping Jehovah?
Just been over to Waterstones; they say Escaping Jehovah hasn't been published in paperback yet... I like Ken's stuff, but not to the tune of £16.99 on hearsay....
Fair one. I find his literary efforts a little the Guardianistas he hangs out with.
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