Ken Livingstones Remembrance Day Substitute

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Unsworth, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. If those tw@ts are involved, I wouldn't go within a mile of it...
  2. Red Ken has attended PSF organised events in Londonderry before (way back in the day).
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    So the teewat wants to have an 'alternative' day?!?!?

    As noted - just trying to work on his credentials, just like Broon.
  4. Call me cycnical, but will this event be just before the mayoral election???
  5. Veterans' Day is already established-it doesn't say it is an alternative to anything. Much as I dislike Red Ken I think some unfounded conclusions are being drawn here
  6. Well, it's only been established since last year. The question is why is Livingstone making a noise about it now - when he really couldn't be bothered with it last year? And why has Twigg decided just now to endorse Livingstone's actions? And when is the election for Mayor?
  7. 27th June?

    The day that George II led his troops into battle? The very last time that a reigning British Monarch would actually do so?

    Shame he was a boxhead. :(

    Not a bad day for veterans day though :)
  8. Ken's certainly changed his tune.

    "Livingstone made perhaps his most controversial move in December 1982, when the GLC extended an official invitation to Sinn Féin leaders Gerry Adams and Danny Morrison. In the event, Adams and Morrison were denied entry into the country under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and met with Livingstone in Northern Ireland instead."

    I believe he called them freedom fighters at the time.
    I reckon a few veterans might welcome the chance of a chat with Mr Livinstone on Veteran's Day.
  9. Hes a grade a knob
  10. Unsworth, well spotted. I have been on the site:
    to post a comment. Can I encourage all who respond to this thread spend an extra minute posting your comment as well.
  11. Dettingen Day? Good drills Red Ken, you spanner.
  12. Ten derrrr points to me. Just noticed Unsworth's post on the mayorwatch site. Sorry Chuck I missed the name connection. Derrrr!
  13. Will our serving personnel be allowed to wear uniform? Or will it be considered to upsetting to our ethnic minority bretheren? Or am I being too controversial?????
  14. An occluded front appears to be passing over my tea cup.

    Ken may be a knob in lots of ways but, broadly speaking, he has left the majorityof his previous idiocy behind in this job. There are a number of things he has done which are extremely good for Londoners.

    He also backed this

    Returning London Soldiers Parade at City Hall

    Criticise him when he does things that are wrong, not when he does things that are right.