Ken Livingstone

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rebel_with_a_cause, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. Really enjoying Red Ken twitching on TV. Are the skids under him?
  2. I haven't got a ' gold watch' clue.
  3. Saw the name of the thread and I thought he had kicked the bucket - DAMN YOUR EYES FOR RAISING MY HOPES :wink:

    (BTW, what's the story?)
  4. He is more slippery than eel
  5. Isn't there serious questions regarding use of London Development Agency Funds etc? Livingstons marxist cohorts allegedly have their piggy little snouts in many a trough.

    We will need a wall the lenght of the great wall of China to line these people up against!
  6. Anyone see that documentry on him a week or 2 back, , among all the usual shit (wasted money, cronyism, being a bullying prick, ect ect), there was the gem, that he knocks back whiskies at council meetings(every meeting) at 10AM!......surely thats an alcholic?
  7. Yup the LDA managed to mislay £900,000. The numerous benefactors failed to register accounts at the appropriate time and for some reason seemed to have moved from the addresses they registered as their 'charity' HQ. Oh dear dear, but standfast, don't panic yet, Ken and the LDA are looking into it........ Yea right!!
  8. Ken's arrogance on such issues knows no bounds. As for alleged alcohol at meetings, I'd add wandering across the foyer with said glass and into the lift (s) Ken's fiefdom, Ken's rules.
  9. There you go, knocking back a 'Gold watch'

    Oh God, I think I'm pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  10. It's not just a snouts in troughs issue here.

    It's alleged that Red Ken has a serious drink problem and that he is not in control of his subordinates, who are alleged to be helping themselves to millions of pounds of public cash. Allegedly. (MODs - did I say 'allegedly' enough?)

    Lee Jasper, the mayor's anti-racism witch finder is involved in five separate police investigations relating to the disappearance of 3.3 million quid. It was paid to companies working on 'anti-racism' projects in London (hence nobody dared raise questions for fear of being accused of racism).

    Some of the companies were run by close friends of Jasper. Many of the companies disappeared without a trace after trousering the cash.
  11. Hmm, I must say, I find him weaslish and untrustworthy.

    His motives for the congestion charge just seem to be he hates middle class people using cars, he supports the council's nazi esque parking rules/enforcement, is obsessed with charging drivers in the name of pollution, but when it's presented to him that speed humps and re-phasing traffic lights to make cars wait longer actually increase pollution, he gets the hump and says the figures are wrong.

    He got the blazing hump when London Borough of Barnet removed all their spped bumps and he even cut their budget.

    They then used his own measurements against him and proved that their road casualty figures dropped sharply (people focusing on hazards rather than speedo/speed hump?) he again accused them of massaging the figures!

    Slow vehicles down, make them wait at traffic lights with engines running for ages so their overall journeys take longer, also causing localised congestion at the approach to traffic lights and he wonders why pollution goes up!

    Well apparently the way to reduce pollution is to make people pay more! £200 a day for buses and vans- of course this wont be passed on to the public in higher fares/prices will it?

    We even suffer in the home counties, where I live, the local bus companies have taken all the new buses and sent them to cover their route which enter London to avoid the charge, as a result we have the older, shiiter and smaller buses which get packed quicker.

    Nice one Ken.
  12. An understatement.
  13. Worse than that.

    Livingstone 'allies paid thousands from the public purse'

    Dozens of apparently independent people or organisations which have praised Ken Livingstone or attacked Boris Johnson have received large sums of taxpayers' money from City Hall, a Standard investigation has revealed.

    Those paid include newspapers, individual journalists, pressure groups and companies.

    The revelations, condemned by the London MP Greg Hands as a "disgrace", come as the Electoral Commission launches an investigation into earlier claims that Mr Livingstone used taxpayer-funded officials for party political campaigning.

    This is just one example:

    "At least six signatories to an open letter published in The Guardian last month urging Muslims to vote for the Mayor also received money or benefit from him without declaring it in the letter.

    They included the 1990 Trust, paid £171,000, the Lokahi Foundation (£450,000), the Muslim Welfare House (at least £47,000), the Muslim Weekly, which has received recruitment advertising, Yasmin Qureshi, who was Mr Livingstone's human rights adviser, and the Federation of Student Islamic Societies, which was given the free use of City Hall for its annual conference.

    A spokesman for the Mayor's office said the issue "does not appear to be a GLA matter".

    Quite right, it is a matter for the Electoral Commission and the Police.
  14. He is a cnut of the highest order, I would pay to have him shot, or contribute to a fund to have him shot.

    Come on arrser's I pledge the 1st £10


    Ps. Did I say that he's a cnut?
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    His motive for the congestion charge being applied as it has been was to soak London residents who wouldn't vote for him in a million years for a bit of cash, at no political cost. His calculation was that people living in Westminster, the City and Kensington & Chelsea generally wouldn't vote Labour, and the people who commute in in their cars generally aren't London residents, so it's basically Ken's tax on Tories and people who can't vote him out.