Ken Livingstone - Dispatches Mon C4 - fingers in the till?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frenchperson, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. You don't like him because he suggested crossing the picket line?
    Most Londoners hate him cos he's right two faced racist cnut.
  2. I've always liked him, but it's a case of not TRUSTING him. This documentary may just help to confirm my long-held suspicion that he should never ever be trusted.
  3. Either which way, if he has had his fingers in the till like most of labour lately then I hope he gets his come upence.
  4. Cnut.... And I hope that Mrs T gets to pull the lever to drop him until the rope tightens.
  5. Ah GT 2001 a man of my own heart.
    And Frogperson may join him for a double event.
  6. And a loud HUZZAH went up from the crowd!!

  7. It is amazing that so many people seem shocked when a politician lies. It is important to remember:

    1) Not all liars are politicians
    2) All politicians are liars
    3) Ken is a politician (as an example)
    Therefore Ken is a liar.

    Not picking on Ken especially. You could substitute Tony, Hillary, Bill, Gordon, Barrak, ..... in the tautology.

    You really should not blame a politician for lying. To do so would be like blaming a cow for eating grass or a big fish for eating a little fish. Lying is something that is an inherent quality of someone in elected office.

    I believe it was P.J. O'Rourke, the American political philospher, who once suggested that if one were to get rid of all the members of the the US Congress and replace them with an equal number of randomly selected pimps and prostitutes the major difference would be:
    1) A legislature with better moral character
    2) A legislature with a better understanding of the value of money.
  8. I'd love it to be true, because he is an evil, mendacious left-wing scumbag with the morals of a sewer rat and the charm of a skunk's backside in mid discharge.

    However, he's always struck me, although batty and bad, as one of the less corruptible of the crew of pig-snouted venal troughers we have in power over us at the moment. He doesn't drive, has the fashion sense of a big issue seller, and his only hobby is watching lizards in a little glass aquarium. He just doesn't appear to have the same lust for all the trappings as many of the others.

    It therefore seems a bit odd - what would he do with/want with 'tens of thousands of pounds'. Unless, of course, it's been ideologically driven theft, and it's all gone to some liberation movement somewhere?

    Anyway, I hope it is true, and another turd can be flushed down the toilet bowl of history. As for being 'a bit of a hero in the time of the GLC' - ha ha ha ha ha... A hero to all wrong thinking leftist loons, maybe - a feckin idiot wasting taxpayers' hard-earned on hairbrained schemes to anyone who had to bankroll the tosser's megalomania. (Sounds a bit like Brown there, doesn't he?)
  9. Funny really, I dont like anybody who is untrustworthy, why they could just be making things up to please you.
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I can honestly say I've always hated the arrogant racist cnut. I really really hope it's true and the nosher gets his come uppance. It would make me so happy I'd let MDN roger me with a prize winning leak. Or maybe not :eek:
  11. It has always amazed me that a lot of Joe Public are taken in by the public face [persona] of people like Livingstone. A bit like rich Liabour politicians wearing drab ill-cut suits and deliberately talking in perceived working class voices or appearing to affect an avuncular friendly uncle attitude [a la Benn senior] to appeal to the idiot voters.
    Apart from Frank Field and Kate Hooey I cannot think of any politico I would trust as we all know that honesty in that crowd is a rare commodity.
    A long winded way of saying that I hope Red Ken falls heavily.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Livingstone is a sharp political operator but I reckon he's one of the nastiest, most vindictive people in British politics. I'd be delighted if this is true.
  13. I guess that depends on which side of the fence you sit - my parents were active members of the PTA for my junior school and regularly had to help the school fight some of the barmy GLC & ILEA policies.
  14. I know where Wedgie Benn gets his suits from and ill-cut (or cheap) they are not. That's one trapping of his background he hasn't felt able to cast off!