Ken failed... What do you think about rights of homosexuals?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, May 29, 2006.

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  1. Yes

  2. Yes with exception for homosexuals only.

  3. Yes with exception for homosexuals and some other groups.

  4. No.

  5. I don't care.





    Frankly speaking I thinks that any public events where participants express their sexual preferencies should be prohibited including

    1. Fans of group sex.
    2. Zoophiles.
    3. Necrophiles.
    4. Onanists.
    5. Homosexuals.
    6. Pedophiles
    7. Women for two legal husbands.
    8. Supporters of harem system.
    9. Supporters of Swedish families.
  2. Frankly speaking I didn't expect even one NO because it is very hard thing to imagine march of rapists that demand freedom for rape.
  3. Not even sure why this thread was started
  4. Gay activists tried to lay flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow. Many veterans were insulted. It is a conflict.

    I suppose that any naked person in London would be immediately detained by police. Moreover the majority would approve it. While any individual is free to walk naked in his house. So some prohibitions to express sexuality exist. Where is a border? It is a reasonable question.

    If rights of homosexuals should be respected then what about other sexual groups with other sexual preferencies? Should they have the same rights? It is not so simple question.

    Secret services frequently use homosexuals as agents (KGB used them for example). Cambridge 5 springs in mind (some were gays). So the theme is connected to security problems.

    I hope you agree that the theme is at least not empty.
  8. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    One thing springs to mind, if people want equality then everybody is equal, that means you don't need special marches to prove yourself.

    Would you for example be allowed a hetrosexual march!

    Positive discrimination often causes as many problems than it solves.
  9. That's true, but only if said group has equality in society, not just in law, but in the acceptance of the populous. Homosexuals don't quite have it yet, and it is through these marches that any group gains recognition and support. Once equality is gained in a measurable way, then yes, no marches are required, but that takes time.

    Look at women. 90 years after suffrage and they are still less equal in society to men.
  10. What do you think about rights of homosexuals?

    I didn't know they boxed.
  11. Chalky - homosexuals have more rights than unmarried heterosexuals.

    I don't think for one minute that these marchs encourage acceptance of homosexuality, if anything they make people wish that the homosexual community would shut up and quietly get on with their lives.
  12. Damn, I've often thought of this. How fun would a Straight Pride March be?! What a gret excuse to get poofaced and drop the hand - a bit like a formalised version of a good Saturday night really.
  13. Sergey, this last bit cracked me up. Ive been in tears for the last ten minutes, im in pain from laughing. 'Supporters of Swedish families' What the f*ck is a 'Swedish Family'?! They must be bad muthafu*kers if they have been included in a list which includes paedophiles and 'fans of group sex'! Are fans of group sex a real organisation? Someone help me ot here!!!
  14. Hmm, I might be with Sergey on this one, I for one don't think that an individuals sexuality should have any bearing at all. If you allow one sexual difference why not allow them all, incest? Animals? sex with minors? I know you could argue where is the consent, however we kill animals for food and if two adults are related then why not, as for minors if the girl/guy is 14 or 15 its wrong but 16 is ok? Maybe we should have a march for peodophiles rights? I know I'm playing devils advocate, however why is one group so special just because of their desires?
  15. I too am naive wtf is a swedish family?