Ken Clarke ruffles feathers

Kenneth Clarke's rape law reform: Victim challenges plans to halve jail sentences | Mail Online

Aside from the proposals therein, anybody else agree that the faux-outrage this has attracted from the usual corners is symptomatic of our fucked up society? He merely stated there are different types of "rape" and some more serious than others. Various mealy mouthed shaul wearing robots have become apoplectic with apparent rage and chose to ignore the subtle differences between predatory, premeditated and violent rape and something such as date rape, as well as the fact several other countries actually have different classes of rape categorised in their legal system.

There are eggshells scattered everywhere now and always someone ready to be offended. This I think is part to blame for the state this country is in - people would rather just keep quiet as saying anything will always upset someone.
From a different politician I'd have had it however from him he's opened a can of worms. This is a man who has set out his stall on "Justice." His plans are nothing to do with justice, his plans are to do with money at the expense of The British Public (Victims of Crime and potential victims of crime).

The man is not fit to carry out the duties he has been charged with and if you listen to the radio interview he doesn't actually understand the offence of rape.

In short he's a joke and I hope this proves to be his political end ex.
As a victim of child sexual abuse over a period of 6 years, it took a long time before i could tell anyone what happened, i was 29 and having flashbacks to what he did to me.
what got me is this:
1/ this was the 4th time he would be in court over sexual abuse of prepubescent children.
2/ 3 boys gave evidence against him, 2 of them sexually abused less than 20 times, myself i was abused over 1,000 time, and for the first year (when i was just 10) i was knocked out with sleeping pills. (age 11, with vodka)
3/ 2 victims killed themselves because of him, one the day after this latest guilty verdict.

why did he only get 3 and a 1/2 years? when this was his 4th time in prison for sexually abusing multiple children
our children and women are being sexually abused/raped because the Government gives more rights to the offender than the rights to the child to a safe environment free from fear and sexual harm.
The government is pimping our children to perverts. the Government is the biggest abuser of children we have.

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