Ken and Boris duke it out on question time NOW

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by thegimp, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. should be good
  2. It was good.
    Despite Boris not shutting up when necessary, I felt that he and Brian Paddick outperformed Ken.
    I thought it was a little cheap to bring Boris' personal life into an argument over morals, when none of them can be considered to be particularly "moral," but then a politician's private life is hardly private.
  3. Paddicks only moral 'indiscretion' seems to be that he's homosexual. He doesn't appear to have cheated on his partner in the way that the other two have.
  4. Boris neither shut up nor answered His questions, but instead spent most of His time trying to malign Ken.

    Going on audience response ( a much better way of judging the debate with regard to the elections) I would say that Brian had the best of it and then Ken. The applause for Boris was rarely as loud as for the other two debaters
  5. Bit like you then, sven.

    Do you have a link to quantify audience responce being a better way of judging a debate with regards to an election?

    How suprising sven. You taking the side of a bed wetting lib dem.

    Best you let Mori in on your secret clapping method because they seem to have you man down at 14%. :roll:
  6. As opposed to nicking people for smoking weed, when him and his [artner smoked a bit and then boasted about it on U75?
  7. There are all cnuts anyway.... I hope all of them lose and the monster raving looney candidate wins. Mayor of London, more like, line your own pockets at other peoples expense........ I hate politicians as much as I hate Lawyers, Banks, Estate Agents, they all have something all in common, they all are lying greedy B@stards!!!
  8. Actually, having just watched it on BBC Iplayer a few minutes ago, I have to disagree with your take.

    Brian Paddick was quite irrelevant. He was the third man in the debate and had trouble getting a word in edgeways. When he did (after a rather rude outburst) he said nothing of real interest.

    The only applause he got IIRC was when he made a joke in the early part of the debate and when he interrupted Boris Johnson. Responses to any of his comments on anything substantive was lukewarm, non-existent or negative. I remember when he was trying to talk about policing in London and he was interrupted by several members of the audience - and this on a topic that should be his forte! Another instance that stuck in my mind was when he said his piece on racism. There was scattered applause if it can be called 'applause' and that is it.

    I think Boris Johnson and Ken Livingston was neck and neck. Boris made a few gaffs and sometimes came across as evasive. Ken Livingston sometimes came across as being a bit of a ****.
  9. The audience , it was explained at the start were all supporters of either Boris/Ken/Beefer copper. Rather than a slightly more random question time audience
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    That would be Boris on one of his "strange" days then :D
  11. Let me guess:

    Response to Boris being evasive -- "I think we really need to push the point"
    response to Ken being evasive -- "okay, let's move on"
  12. Which rather highlights how bad Brian Paddick did. Presumably there was a fairly even spread of political allegiances. On that basis, they should all have had equal levels of audience support. That was not what happened. Brian Paddick as I said, was interrupted and garnered little support whenever he addressed anything substantive. He got loads of support for making jokes and shouting at Boris to 'shut up' - so he will make a great comedian or concentration camp guard or both!
  13. Hmmm, a few complaints have been received about bias.


    What say you Sven?
  14. Actually, i had this rather sad feeling that "As a mushroom in the british feeding system" I neded new glasses because on leaving the feeling of blindess overcame me and the stick of Shoite handed to me on leaving tasted a bit salty.

    I cant remember, did anyone make a promise to reduce or control the spending of council tax on the number of traffic wardens in london.

    There was a mention ?????????? of inner london vehicle tax????
    Would this include the embassy vehicles?
    Would the owner of harods(arab shit) be liable for parking fines?
    Did anyone insist on complete green recycling for london?
    Are the visitors on arrse just as full of shoite as the candidates?
    etc etc etc
    ops soory must remember the cav bums on seats