KEMBER: We dont seem to be discussing these hostages

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuggerAll, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Maybe I've missed the threads but we don't seem to be discussing Kember (and other hostages).

    It could be a lack of interest - or is it that like me your feelings are ambivilant.

    I would not wish harm on Mr Kember, or any one else, but I do wonder how much of his predicament is self inflicted.

    What I have found interesting is the way that various Muslim groups have come out and are asking the 'Swords of Justice Brigade' or whatever Walt name they've given themselves, to let Mr Kemebr go. It could be that they genuinly care about the fate of Mr Kember, but I think that the reason they are objecting to his kidnapping is that it reveals the hypocrasy behind the insurgancy. They claim to be fighting the 'occupation' but infact are hell bent on starting a civil war, with a view to impossing thier perverted way of life on the rest of Iraq and then the rest of the Muslim world and then all of us. Kidnapping and murdering Kember reveals them for what they are.
  2. Sympathetic as I am to the idealism that drives individuals and groups to attempt to be peace-brokers, it is naïve of these people, if not downright irresponsible, to act in a private capacity when the situation is so unstable that even established NGOs won’t commit personnel to the region. There have been enough kidnappings and executions to give fair warning to anyone contemplating travelling to Iraq, the publicised attitude of the UK Government is no negotiation with terrorists (stop laughing at the back!) and the coalition SF guys aren’t always going to be around to save the day.

    There’s an argument that every selfless act has a degree of selfishness to it and I do wonder what the real aim of some of these doves of peace is.
  3. I don't see the actions of the now hostages as ill-motivated or political. Unwise/unproductive yes. Faith in some superior being and imagination of that being's values can distort the actions of us all. Lots of people STILL believe that Bush did the right thing in starting this thing.
    Lack of interest or prior discussion in my case is down to the feeling that nothing I might do or say will change things where we would have to deal with religious fanatics who care not for the life of the men they hold.
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I'm very concerned. I've bought Professor Kember a hat for Christmas and it would be a dreadful shame if it turned out the money was wasted.
  5. Kimber and his ilk put their own heads in the noose so naturally get less sympathy than those in the snot who have no choice in the matter. He is probably sincere and believes in the goodness of mankind and God, unfortunately for him, he's probably about to receive a stern lesson about the true nature of evil. Ironically, his butchers will use God as the excuse for said evil. I hate to say this, but when he is executed, it may wake a few of the "Not in my name" brigade up to the fact that their ideals will not save them from these killers, only we soldiers will.
  6. I can't help feeling this was a publicity stunt who's bluff has been called. The problem is, now it's not in the headlines, you have two choices, let him go or execution. I hope it's the former, even though he will have more credence for his liberalist, pacifist, roll over on the floor and scratch my stomach views.

    Neither would I, and I feel it borders on 100%
  7. Even the government seem to be playing it down, leaving it in the hands of Jack Straw, who seems not to have much to say, other than 'we want to hear from the group holding Prof Kember - if you don't believe me, ask Gerry or Martin'.
  8. Quite, my first thoughts on hearing of this rather niave individual being kidnapped were about the soldiers who would be put at unnecessary risk if it was decided to rescue him.

    I know he was a very well respected medical research scientist, commited peace activist etc, but he really should have thought twice about putting himself and others in entirely avoidable danger.

    Terry Waite said that it was entirely the wrong thing to do and that religious campaigners face "grave trouble" if they decide to visit Iraq.

    So I actually have very little sympathy for him (along with his fellow travellers) and his entirely self inflicted predicament.