Kember critisiced on Sky news by Col Tim.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  2. To be fair, Kember has now consistently thanked the guys who rescued him in every interview I've read or heard.

    He genuinely seems to be struggling with the 'irony' of a peace activist being rescued by the 'violent' SAS.

    Must be quite tough when your most deeply held beliefs make you look like an arrse, and the very people you see as most morally inferior to you are required to deal with the consequences of your self rightious delusions.

    I actually feel quite sorry for him.
  3. I'll start feeling sorry for this stupid old cnut when he admits he fecked up and repays HMG however much it cost to get his sorry saggy arrse back to the UK. Age brings wisdom ?
  4. No me neither, no sorrow for him, something that was brought on himself IMO. Yes people make mistake and all that, and sometimes things are better seen when you're in a position to look back on the situation, but heck he's still saying that he don't like the job 'the guys' (SAS/Army) do.... taking himself further up the tw*tometer as if it wasn't for the job 'the guys' do, he'd still be shackled to a radiator or meeting his angels.

    He also says that he couldn't have forseen such events when there has been plenty of stories, near-experiences and pictures of people (especially westerners) being captured, beheaded, killed and so on. You would have thought that the simple act of watching the ten o'clock news on a daily basis would be a very small percentage of these mens pre-brief before even thinking of stepping in the country.

    I wish someone would shut his CND supporting mate as well, he don't 'alf spout a load of dribble.
  5. That may be true, but the more I hear of the blatherings of this self-righteous old t0sser, the more I am glad that I spent the formative years of my own life in the Army, rather than as a God-bothering waste of oxygen.

    Kember: do us all a favour and crawl back into your confessional box. Leave the important stuff (like saving your sorry arrse... I think not!) to the boys who really know.

    We are the pilgrims...
  6. Col Tim.....Legend...End of

    Kember was wrong to whinge about beign rescued, but now he has apologised.

    Theres not a lot else he can do really.

    Although I would like to see him make some tangible effort, I belive thatnow he has thanked THEM, that thats the end of the story.

  7. At least Kember was mature enough not to have said "whatever!", unlike most of the younger members of today's society who deserve to be slotted - slowly. And painfully.

    God, I'm old.
  8. Thats a fair one, hope it wasn't a subtle reference to me!
  9. Misguided old fool he may be, but if he really was prepared to commit suicide in order to save his colleagues, ill rate him for that alone.

    As for Tim Collins...I dont want to denigrate too much but he does seem to have his head up his own arse.
  10. Kember is just typical of those who spout religion and are so self rightious.
    The only problem is some other extremely brave people have to put their lives on the line to pull them out of the shit they get themselves in by their own actions.
    If he ever gets into a similar situation his words should be remembered and he should be left to rot
  11. Seems that any old platform will tempt the gallant colonel to climb up and mouth off. I know he does not like my old Corps but this member of it is getting fed up with his forward thrusting and self-promotion.
  12. Along with anyone who puts forward some sort of twisted or deluded religious calling as justification for their actions - Kember's actions may have endangered the lives of soldiers, but there are plenty of others e.g. Blair whose lies have caused death on a much larger scale. It now seems he isn't answerable to Parliament or the public, but to the voices in his head.

    And to get back onto the thread, is Colonel Tim Collins - The Movie in the can yet?
  13. Its fair to say we are in Iraq to give them some form of democracy, freedom of speech etc. Kember was just excersising his right as a member of a society that allows for that. Yes he got himself in the crap but a no point did he go on TV pleading to be released by Tony Blair like other captives before him. Im sure he is thankful of the work done to release him but dont lose sight of the reasons he was there was due to his opposition to the war. ie the actions of the US and British military.
  14. Sorry to be a voice of reason, but I think we need to take the following into account. Kember was naive, which is a product of being "cotton woolled" for most of his life. Althought he can see the telly, read the papers, etc, he was undoubtedly in the camp of "it won't happen to me". I think most of the blame has to lie with the organisation that arranged his trip. They have representatives in the country, and they should be questioning why they allowed a very old man, clearly not in wonderful health, to take part in their program.

    He has strongly held beliefs, as do most of us on here, it's just that our beliefs are tempered with experience. He should have been made to realise that walking into a known trouble spot, with his only defence being "I am a Christian" was only ever likely to get him into trouble. I think he was fortunate in being captured by a blackmail gang rather than a hardline religious group, who would not have hung on to him for this long.

    I think also he is now coming to realise this. Listening to his interview, he knows that he was lucky, he knows that he put people in danger. Remember his age - how many people of that age could cope with being captured, released, and then thrown in front of a microphone? He knows he cocked up, but the anger should be directed at the organisation that lets a 75+ old man go into this sort of danger then pleads ignorance.
  15. Collins? I was wondering when they'd wheel him out. I think there has been enough said about Kember. At best he was niave, at worst stupid. The enormity of his experiences has indeed come home to him and I reckon in his quieter moments, that he has had his doubts.

    I personally don't beleive that any rescue attempts should be made for those who, fully aware of the dangers they are facing in these places, ignore them and go there to spread the word of their God or to make a fast buck.

    Why should the tax payer foot the bill to rescue people who, for their own reasons, be they religious or financial, enter a war zone in the knowledge that they are riskng their own lives.