Kellys heroes, BBC1 - Now!


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I did actually, I was stood up with a glass of port in my hand.

...which is unusual for the bbc, maybe someone somewhere had a brain.
OMG... Love this film. Donald Sutherland is awesome.

Its got to be up there in a top 5 favorite war films. Where Eagles Dare, 633 Squadron, Battle of the Bulge.... Hours of fun as a kid getting educated by a thoughtful Granddad...
Classic, Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas and Donald Sutherland. What else can happen?

Fab film with humour and ironic septic action in spades. Seen three time and still entertaining :p

If some one in the BBC had a brain they would show "The Longest Day" or something else suitably D -Day relevant, but its a good movie and nice that 62 years after D -Day we still all remmeber their sacrifices for us
gearupflapup said:
If some one in the BBC had a brain they would...
There are so many other things the BBC should do in addition to this if they had a brain. This is the tip of the proverbial, but no less important for it.
The Longest Day is a phenomenal film, the cast is just something else.

Classic film though, good old Kelly's Heroes.
Possibly one of Clint Eastwoods finest films...and damn funny.


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Maybe it was a royalties thing. Either way, I'm still happy that they whacked that on rather than some nonsense about some poor ethnic minority who can't afford to get a personal valet to clean their gratis beemer after only 2 weeks in Blighty after the escapade with hi-jacking a plane of schoolkid.s..s.......zzzzzz

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