Kelly Rules Out Sharia Law

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chalky, Aug 27, 2006.

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  1. Dare I say it, but this is the sound of balls being grown.

    Scary, eh? It's only taken 9 years. Small they may be, but they are there.
  2. Perhaps Ms. Kelly would like to have a snap inspection of teaching qualifications at some Islamic schools hereabouts. She might also like to ascertain just why it is that these schools have 'teachers' that can't speak a word of English?

    After she's done that , she might like to find out just why it is some Muslim parents are trying to get their children out of these schools and back into 'mainstream' schools ASAP?

    Personally, I'd have believed something was going to get done if Estelle had made this statement. Kelly is too close to the Blair.
  3. Indeed PTP. It's worth noting that the vast majority of Muslim children in this country are in the mainstream education system.
  4. But are the RC schools and Church Controlled schools going to be shut down too?

    Islamic schools are perfectly exceptable only the ones who, as in the article, try to change our country to meet their ideals should face the shut down option.

    As for sharia law, we have laws in Britain. If you don't like them, go home or somewhere where they have laws that you do like.
  5. I went to a Church of England primary and I was never taught about to kill the infidels and other terrorist propoganda.
  6. You must've been at school before GCSEs then. :p
  7. There are Islamic schools out there that also do not feature "killing of infidels" on their curriculem.
  8. No CF,

    As I've said, and as Razor alludes to , and as the Kelly woman has finally woken up and realised , some of these 'schools', are nothing less than an incubator for radicals.

    The usual trick, as far as I can ascertain is to buy an empty property , call it an 'after school' club , boost the membership then apply for school status. I'm watching a building down the road gradually being turned into a school, and the owners try and present the Council planning officer with a fait accompli. "We've bought the building, we've got all these kids, we might as well call it a school/Mosque/whatever.

    The majority of 2/3rd generation Mulsim parents do not want their kids indoctrinated into 10th century Islam , and there is very real alarm in some sections of the community about what some of these schools are alleged to be doing. Hence Muslim parents putting their kids back in 'mainstream' schools.

    There is a very definite trend of new 'schools' being set up , which are nothing less than incubators. It would help Kelly's team , instead of just saying there might be a problem , to speak to Council education officers about any complaints they may have received from Muslim parents, concerned with their kids schooling at these new 'old islamic' schools
  9. But surely if you can have an RC or CofE school, surely a legitimately run Islamic school could also be run. There is nothing actually wrong in this.

    Some may want their kids to go to a multi-faith mainstream school, some may want a single faith school. You should have a choice.

    Obviously the "schools" you speak of are not schools and should be shut down as should mosques who preach similar ideals.
  10. Regardless of whether it's a Catholic, C of E or Islamic school, a vetting and regular monitoring system needs to be fully enforced to ensure that the same curriculum and ideals are taught throughout. I get the impression that many devout Muslim parents have no control over what their children are being taught. To that end I think I'd want my own kids to attend a multicultural school. At least they'd have a broader idea of what each religion stands for and is based on, and how similar they may be.
  11. Presumably that explains the ridiculous adolescent boy's voice that the fat dwarf is using.
  12. That statement, combined with a quite other other political 'worthies' (the best of which is most definitely Sir Trevor Stevens, head of the Commission For Equality, telling muslims who want Sharia Law in parts of GB to pack up!) would seem to sound the death knell for 'multi-culturalism'.

    Ironically, those same politicians make it sound as if they are the ones who have alerted us all to the dangers multi-culturalism presents. A claim we all know is bo55ocks!

    Whether or not people will take exception to that, or just be glad that particular madness is now coming to an end. Let's hope this is one change this government manage to effect to the fullest!
  13. Her speech contained the following little nugget:

    "I believe this is why we have moved from a period of uniform consensus on the value of multiculturalism, to one where we can encourage that debate by questioning whether it is encouraging separateness."

    Uniform consensus? What a blatant example of truth-twisting from the masters of spin! The implication is that we are all guilty - we all thought that multiculturalism was a good idea, and now that it has proved not to be, we must all share the blame. Well 'Ms' Kelly, I have news for you. There has never been a uniform consensus that multiculturalism was the right answer - it was a policy forced on us by the New Labour-led PC lobby, who ensured that any discussion or disagreement was slapped down with a huge placard labelled 'racist' or 'bigot'.

    No, 'Ms' Kelly, what we need to do is move away from the bien pensant enforced orthodoxy that multiculturalism is of unmitigated benefit to Britain. The blame for the current state of affairs lies at your Government's door - how dare you attempt to lay the blame on me.
  14. Surely we had multiculturalist policies before 1997?
  15. OK, make that 'Labour-led PC lobby'. That accounts, as you rightly say, for its enforcement prior to 1997. Yes, the Conservatives were in power, but multiculturalism was most definitely 'left-led' and the Conservatives were as scared as the rest of us of the 'racist' label.