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  2. I've had one of these and regularly used it on exercises, carried in the back of the vehicle. It's not tactical, but it is fast and efficient. Too big to manpack though.

    Ideal for vehicle crews as you can get a brew on quickly. The big advantage that you can use anything that will burn. I used to use a bit of hexy block or paper to start the fire and then just chucked twigs etc in the top.

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  3. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Got one its ace, use it every time the electrics go down in deepest darkest leicestershier. Even made the sparkies one when the had to put a 100kva gen set in as the h-pole transformer was fucked.
  4. I use one every day ..nearly... to make fresh tea on a island on lough conn, yes you can burn just about anything, but if no dry wood is to be found..a single firelighter wil usually roar away and be sufficient to boil it, cheating i know but needs must.

    Strangely enough the guy who it is renamed after lives just a mile away..padraig kelly, it was originally called the 'volcano' believed to have been fashioned from some old gyppo system of water boiling.
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  5. Fits nicely inside a Rocket pouch, with hexy fast brew although jet boil users will contest that. The potset atop the X fit can be a bit unwieldy, easier to make a brew then swap kettle for pot over firebase.
  6. That's never going to be a problem for the OP.
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  7. Ouch!
  8. Oh I say! Well played, Sir.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Yup good for fishing trips, river banks rather than boats and also long days in the woods looking after the pheasants! A PW I know made a little copper pipe attachment which meant you could use the steam to heat a hand heald can of beans or soup, done in a few seconds.
  10. I've had one for years, it lives in the back of my old Land Rover.

    1st class piece of kit! =-D
  11. Swiss army version
  12. Darn it. Can't post pictures from here.
  13. Right, try again:

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  14. Mighty thread resurrection but I've just got one of these for my allotment and it is a fantastic bit of kit.
  15. Handy hint: don't try boiling water with the cork in...
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