Kelly Homes

Got to be happy with a result like that. Had a little bit of a scare as she went into the last lap but hell what a finish.
Well done Kelly.

You can tell that Paula Radcliffe was never a squaddie.......
dui-lai said:
DAME Kelly Holmes!

Come on TBliar, you give it out willy-nilly!

How about one for Kelly?
Sorry, she still needs to make a sizeable contribution to the Labour party to qualify :D
She was AGC - I believe there was a pic of her in Daily Mail today with Guards Beret and AGC badge.

If I am wrong - shoot me!
Anyway - matters not what she was, what she is right now is what counts!

She has done the country proud and showed that she has the guts to come back from all the setbacks she has gone through.

We should all be proud of her!
What a star, just been on to and had a look seems we won the Sprint 4X100 as well.

Made MY DAY :D :D :D
JUST won the relay (literally) by a smidge of a second.

Kelly was a shiny arrse. But it don't matter. She cried as well when she got her medal. Bet she will be on the Ouzo tonight.....

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