Keith Vaz Recoils at Hunger Strike Threat

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tawahi-50, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. Yesterday, Keith Vaz sponsored an Early Day Motion in order to avoid Reading Gurkhas going on a two week relay hunger strike followed by a strike to the death, if their demands for equal pensions weren't met.

    Early Day Motion

    The "massive protest at Westminster" last month seems to have gone largely unnoticed although google turns up a reference to a local news article. Link- Gurkhas take pension fight to Westminster

    According to Vaz, the protest is about pensions and medical care, but according to the reports in Nepal, the protest involved a whole shopping-list of demands. Link-Gurkhas Five Point Demands

    Some of the organiser's claims seem to be a bit exaggerated,
  2. My general response is to recoil at Keith Vaz.
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  3. Tell them to get stuffed. No one forced them to join.
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  4. The only reason for Vaz to be involved is the hope that it will look good for him personally. The Gurkhas must be cursing their luck.
  5. Where is Saint Lumley?
  6. I'm sure I'm not the only one that saw this thread and thought Vaz would be giving up the Pringles for Lent/Rosh Hashanah/Divali/Ramalamadingdong (delete as applicable)? We can live in hope. Vaz would turn up at a plane crash if he thought it'd get him on Newsnight.
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  7. On the right hand of my screen. Can't get the woman orf.
  8. Another nail in the coffin for the Gurkhas, robustly hammered in by the Gurkhas themselves.
  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    If Gurkhas are going to cost the same as Brits, at a time when we are reducing numbers what is the business case for continuing to recruit Gurkhas, especially considering what must be the not inexpensive process in Nepal?

    Mind you, chaps of my age had quite a pash on Joanna back in the day. Still scrubs up, too.
  10. Exactly.

    Their legacy will be a museum and stories of how they got a decent pension just before the MOD disbanded them.

    As much as they deserve a fair deal the truth is they're just not value for money if they get it.

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  11. Are they employed as cheap labour then? If that's all it's about we could probably get some right bargain squaddies from Somalia or somesuch.
  12. I think that's exactly why they were employed and have survived other defence reviews.

    They'll struggle to compete with a mobile laundry and shower unit next time.

    It's a shame but "cost of everything, value of nothing" springs to mind whenever I think of MOD cuts.

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  13. I thought Keith Vaz was going on hunger strike when I read this, the fat, oily ****.
  14. Click on the very small icon in the very top right hand corner of the St Lumley pic. This will take you to the opt out page. Scroll down and look at your options. Bin those companies that annoy you, or bin the lot with one click. It only takes a minute.