Keith Richards is next...

Ozzy Osbourne's Genetic Code Being Mapped

Scientists are studying the blood of rocker Ozzy Osbourne to learn more about excessive substance abuse.

He's "only one of a few people in the world to have his full genome analyzed," Sky News points out.

Researchers hope the mapping sheds light on, among other things, how drugs are absorbed in the body.

Sky News quotes Nathan Pearson, director of research at the firm, as saying, "Sequencing and analyzing individuals with extreme medical histories provides the greatest potential scientific value."


That's all right then, good to see those taxpayer-funded government research grants being put to good use.

Who do you think should have their DNA mapped, and why?
The Keef we see before us today is not the same Keef our parents knew - every 15 years he transmutes his soul into the body of some poor unfortunate and takes it over. It is the only possible explaination for his longevity in comparrison to his lifestyle.

I think Johnny Depp is next on his list

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