Keeping your feet dry ..... opinions please

So apart from staying away from all that is wet, how do you keep your fet dry.

Normally I use some Lowas which have been perfect so far, but I'm off to Pirbirght soon for some phase 1 and don't think they'll take too kindly for me wearing them.

So how is the best way to waterproof the assault boots?

And is it worth buying those waterproof socks (sealskins or goretex ones)??

or small puddles
Top_Crab said:
I prefer plenty of talc & nice fluffy bedroom slippers.
You have to go onto a different thread for your sexual preferences mate. only joking
Mink Oil to proof against water; G-Wax to seal for a hard-ish surface finish. 8) :roll:

And Pirbright is rather well drained (Bagshot Sand) compared to most trg areas. :D

Don't see why Lowas should be a problem . . . . .
What if you'd stick your assault boots in a pair of oversized wellies,or waders maybe even better...
You will get wet feet. Just accept it. The key is looking after them when you get time.

When you are not galloping around, dry socks on, after light dusting of foot powder, into gortex socks and into boots. As soon as you know that you are out on patrol etc, dry and gortex socks off and into water proof bag in bergan, and wet/ damp socks back on. Whilst wet socks ar off, stick them some place to dry usually around waist against your skin. At least they will be warm when you put them on again.

Field admin in time consuming but makes the difference between good soildiers and liabilities. Good luck.
I've used Sealskins wandering about some of the wetter parts of UK. Very good at keeping water out but important you get them off where possible and give the feet a good drying and powdering. If possible, leave feet bare if and where you can while resting up etc. Dry off as suggested above but turn them inside out first. Mrs ORC used gortex but not so successfully - feet went very wrinkly and soft.
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