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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LongJohnSilver, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. I don't know about you, how hard is it to keep up with the changes that are coming out with JPA.

    They told us that we would have to reduce our ORBAT because our job's would be negated.

    From what I see, we have never been needed more.

    My guys do a fantastic job, yet, we have still been given an inspection criteria that is a pass or fail, I am all for keeping people on toes, however, this is not good.

    Brigades need to understand what goes on at unit level, try to appreciatte what units are doing, lets face it, they have given NO guidance, all they have done is pass info on, understandably, as they do not know everything yet.

    This is why every Bde doing inspections look at different things, there is no continuity
  2. Lol, sorry LJS, not laughing at you, just got to laugh or i would cry.

    Lessons learnt from projects? Can anyone remember Unicom rollout? And what a great success UNICOM was unit wide after it? LMAO.

    "I know lets send training teams out to teach everyone their roles, then they can all pass it on to their successors"

    Inspection teams never knew what to look for on UNICOM either, disparity on inspections was rife

    Deja Vu anyone :(
  3. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    I do believe that in time all inspections will be reported on ARMS (Army Reporter in disguise) which gives a traffic light grade

    This is in line with Form and fear although it does not work quite as well in the regions

    However you will never remove the personality aspects of an inspection even if you set up independent teams the feedback I have recived this can make it worse
  4. LJS totally agre we were inspected mid-Sep 1 week after going FOC however the Inspection Team did give us grace due to this. Problem was they inspected different things the week before at another unit and then the week after our at a different unit.

    Seems to be at the mo you will pass if you have now MAJOR dramas.

    As for advice - agreed. Has anyone noticed that nearly all contract start dates are wrong and will result in incorrect pensions if not rectified. Presume that once Ver 5 is up and running Unit HR will then get told to rectify this problems.

    Makes me sick at times. :roll:

  5. An interesting point, Jockster, and one that has puzzled me. JPA has "lost" 16 years of my service and I was wondering whether I ought to pursue it now, or wait for an almighty row in 2 year's time!

  6. Probably someone clicking update instead of correct! Good old JPA!
  7. Lototes I have raised this through COF up to APC and no one can give an answer. At one point I was told to raise 6848s and they nearly died when I told them it was pretty much everyone in the unit.

    I think Unit HR may be able to update when Ver 5 comes online although it's my belief it is firmly a MCM Div issue.

  8. Thanks for that, Jockster. The mind boggles at the impact!

  9. I read that redresses should now be submitted via JPA-is this true.

    also is AGAI 70 (the redress one) on Armynet? (I don't have access to DII etc)
  10. Never heard of redress being done one JPA - stick to paper in line with AGAI. Terms of service?? complete cock up on JPA. Believe MCM are trying to sort out but bottom line is check your end of contract date on JPA and if you think it is wrong because of unpaid service (nick etc) then check with Glasgow. I understand loads of people have been discharged before 22 year point therefore no pension. Important for those who leave at 12 year point too and expect resettlement grant.
  11. MCM Divs have until 24 Dec to sort out the incorrect dates after that I believe any non-reckonable service will fall to the unit to update the end of contract date although yet to receive official advice abot this.

    As for Redress check out ROC via the JPA Discipline package!

  12. New Tri Service Procedures for Redress:

    A. JSP 831.
    B. 2007DIN01-102.

    The aim of this DIN is to provide an overview of the procedures to follow ensuring complaints submitted by Service personnel and former Service personnel are handled and resolved using a process that is efficient, fair and transparent.
    Detailed guidance on Service Complaints is contained in JSP 831.
    The new system comes into effect on 1 Jan 08 when JSP 831 replaces and supersedes single Service guidance on Service complaints contained in QR(RN) 4204, AGAI 70 and AP 3392, Vol 4, Leaflet 1806.
    In addition to JSP 831, JSP 763 (The MOD Harassment Complaints Procedure) provides guidance for the investigation and handling of complaints of harassment and bullying. If the complaint is regarding harassment and/or bullying, please refer to both JSP 763 and JSP 831.

    Non Reconable Service from New Termination Process Op Bulitin:

    Report to identify Service Leavers who have non-reckonable Service

    12. It is a tool, which can be run by Unit HR or Career Manager, to identify

    personnel who may not qualify for their Pension or Resettlement Grant as they have non-reckonable service. It compares the Paid Service Balance (PSB) of the Service Person with the number of days in the PSB of the relevant Pension scheme. The PSB from 21 for officers under AFPS 75 will appear blank until it is dropped into production, planned for 22 Dec 07. The individual record needs to be checked and the contract possibly extended to ensure the Service Person has completed enough service to qualify for their Pension.