Keeping the Falkland Islands British

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by isongard, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. With the anniversary of the liberation of the Falkland Islands coming up i think that more could be done to re-iterate to the Argentine government that the islands are and will remain British. Do others agree or not?
  2. God forbid, No, no and thrice no.

    That would involve taking a principled stand about something that actually matters rather than relying on fluff, smoke and mirrors.
  3. I must agree withe FT. I believe it would be totally inapropriate to make such assertions, as this may cause offence, and may infringe on the rights of others to invade our territory. In thought we had moved past all this 'defence of the realm' rubbish. We must respect others rights to take whatever they want, and must NOT under any circumstances, stand up for ourselves.

    Mr Pinko Lefty-Moron.
  4. Oh what a good idea.

    In the same week we get humiliated by a tinpot ME country , we then turn to the Argies and rattle sabres?

    When the Argentine PM pops his ribs back in , he may respond with a chupame la pija , forro
  5. I think the best message we could send to the Argentinians reference "we are serious about keeping the FALKLAND Islands", would be to mothball most of the Royal Navy so we have no capability to take the Islands back should they be invaded. ... Oh excellent, the government is well on top of that one. Getting something right for a change. :roll:


    Edited to add. We should also be sure to reduce our parachute training so the skills required to air-drop a large number of troops are no longer current. (I did try and find the link, but gave up!) And yes, the government have got that one covered as well! Good on 'em I say!
  6. You would think the with all of the posturing on the part of the Governmet towards that certain non tie wearing ME entity that the same robustness could be used towards. We surely don't need constantly to cosy up to Argentina. As you can see from the link below how it has yet again come up as a election issue in Argentina
  7. I agree we should let the Argentines know that we intend to keep the FIs British for as long as the Islanders want.

    However, we are ARSSERs and not a terminally disgraced, ill led, futile, pusillanimous gang of poseurs pretending to be a government.
  8. I thought that was us...........
  9. We should mobilise against Argentina with what spare forces are not selling stories and have a crack at invading them!
  10. Just electoral posturing by Sr Kirchner - I really dfon't think the Argies fancy another crack militarily, especially considering that their armed forces suffer even more from lack of funding than our own.
  11. yes just what we need a lovely bit of real estate nice climate etc etc managed by fcukheads that make blair and major look like Einstein :roll:
    the argies manage to make the MOD look competent :twisted:
  12. No, but thanks to this offal of a government, Iraq, Afghanistan, half the fleet rusting by the quayside and the last fortnight....

    If Argentina ramped up the diplomatic pressure enough then I'm sure we'll find ourselves discussing the "hand-over" of the "Malvinas" before Christmas. :roll:
  13. invasion fleet open water trident :twisted:
    jobs a good un
  14. The Argies put this to the UN in 2003, asking the UK to discuss the issue. The UK refused to do so on the grounds that the Falklands are a sovereign territory by choice and are fully entitled to self determination.
  15. And, IIRC, Argentina subsequently did various bits of backstage lobbying to try and have the matter raised again at the UN, expecting some support from other significant nations, and got none worth talking about.

    Too right they want their "nos Malvinas", with all that oceanic wealth! Let's hope HMG keep on denying that to them.