Keeping the Enemy at Bay - FOB Baylough

kabulronin said:
So this FOB has been operational since 2006 and it is still a shitehole- doesn't really say much does it.
Actually Douchebag, it says much about the soldiers that perform their duties there. Did you bother to read the article or could you just not wait to say something completly f_ucking stupid this morning?

Get back to your six flavors of ice cream you f_ucking parasite!
It may say much about the soldiers who have to work out of the FOB but says little about an Army that doesn't give a ratsarse for the conditions it's people have to live in while operating in what is, at the best of times, a very nasty place.

And as for ice cream flavours, the only place I ever got six was at the PRT in Helmand in 05 before it was handed over to us Brits.