Keeping socks (and so feet) dry?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by gametheory, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. Skin's waterproof, except the skin on my feet isn't.

    Feet dry. Rain. Trouser leg gets wet. Sock absorbs wet. Boot absorbs wet. Feet absorb wet. Feet suffer.

    Sounds like a retarded question, but is there any way to break the cycle if you can't break the rain without gtx socks or trousers? (which are for gays, apparently)
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    Umbrellas for your feet?
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  4. Gaiters are good kit, they form a loose seal at the top of a boot. But whatever solution you come up with, will just be one more on the endless list of solutions for one of solderings oldest problems (footcare)
    Good admin and foot powder is always a good start, No matter how well you waterproof the outside of a boot there is always a big hole at the top. Even if your feet don't get wet from external water there is is still sweat to be sorted. So sock rotation footpowder admin.
    Oh and air them put a pair of flip flops in your pack for down time.

  5. dont wear socks break the cycle. Or go and see the Padre and he will give you the secret of walking on water!
  6. Serious now, get a set of sealskinz,
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    Should keep you dry during a river crossing...

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  8. Not being funny, but I've never had water ingress from the top of my boots, via the socks, less for submerging my lower leg in water deeper than the boots.

    Once upon a time, on AACC, they told us not to fold your sock over the top of your boot (a common practice apparently) as capillary action will cause the water to travel down your leg.

    Now I never did roll my socks, but others on the course used to and they commented on how it seemed to make a difference.

    Other than that, ensuring boots are as waterproof as possible and practicing good wet and dry drills if you suspect your feet are going to be swamped. Gaiters are great for thrashing around in long grass etc, where your lower legs might get drenched, the berghaus ones (I'm sure others are available) that used to fit over the boot with a rubber seal around the sole were great.
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  10. Berghaus Yetis. Absolute pain in the arse to get on like.
  11. Walk on your hands.

    Drill holes in your boots to let water out (or just wear junglies)
  12. Supposed to go on your feet.
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  13. The army issue you a perfectly good set of GTX gaiters.

    Everyone says you look gay, until you are the only one with dry feet in the rain soaked harbour.
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