Keeping mum informed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by yorkshireboy, May 8, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else read this? A US Sgt called his mum in a firefight!!! Cliky

  2. "Please don't let grandma hear it." - Bless :whew:
  3. There's a linky to the recording in a current affairs thread on Rum Ration. Quite a hefty firefight, outgoing M16 and 50 cal rounds + incoming RPG.

    sounds a bit like me and the wifey on Friday nights !
    .Ok ya lazy gits I'll go get the linky for ya.

    edited once to go get link for lazy barsterds
  4. Me thinks it is a shame that this luxury called cell phones is even allowed in theatre.

    Next thing you know, the troops will have baby sitting facilities for their little ones. All within walking distance of the frontline and they will be able to take breaks between firefights so they can breast feed junior or read him a bedtime story.

    Or maybe a dog for the soldiers to pet.

    Or Disneyland

    Next thing on the works?

    A general order requiring all military personnel to sleep with teddybears or any doll of their choosing.

    Including the blowup kind.
  5. British soldiers especially have had a tradition of collecting "tour" dogs when abroad. In NI there were loads of dogs and cats petted by soldiers.

    It is a known fact that dogs going in to hospitals help patients (hence the Pets As Therapy dogs).

    Also, I beleive that the dog in question is a Padres personal dog, and he has wangled the dog a spot in the war zone, rather than a US Army programme.