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Good morning!

As a little background detail, Im off to New Zealand for 10 weeks to visit my mother, whilst my partner is in Afghan.

Does anyone know whether Blueys will be sent out from over there? As I wont have any internet access for those 10 weeks, and obviously I would like to be able to write to my partner whilst away.

Failing that, do the Australians or New Zealanders have any systems in use for contacting forces out in theatre, as I believe their personnel are deployed to Afghan as well? (Please correct me if Im wrong).

Any information would be much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance,


You can post things but not for free: you need to pay postage to the UK, the postage from the UK to theatre is free.

I've regularly posted care packages from Australia to friends in Helmand; it can take upwards of 4 weeks for things to arrive though (I only posted parcels, not letters, so I don't know if they'd be any quicker).

There are Aussies and Kiwis in the 'Stan but they have completely separate postal systems from the British.

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