Keeping fit...Anyone?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by brian_fantastic, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Hey, i did post something similar to this in the RAC section. But nobody replied/cared. I just wanted to get some ideas on specifically how fit you have to be when going to lichfield for selection. I mean, my recruiter has told me i need to be able to run for a long time, and do a certain number of press ups, sit ups and pull ups in a minute. But he wasn't too specific with numbers. Infact he wasn't very specific at all. So can anyone lay some numbers on me so i can get rid of this fcuking beer belly?
  2. as many as you physically can & then ONE more for the queen.
  3. He should supply you with these details.P hone him and ask for them.
  4. before yo go to selection you want to be able to do 1.5 miles in under 10.30--on the day you need to beat 13 mins (slight variation depending on trade)

    AT LEAST - 35 sit-ups/ press ups in a min

    AT LEAST- 10 pull ups

    that's about it I think, good luck, I'm going to selection on 23rd of this month- do you know when your due to go??
  5. Thanks man, no i dont know when im due. I have my formal interview on the 17th of october. But im not sure how long things take after that. He will clear that up on the day of the interview though i imagine. I hope you pass mate, you'll have to let me know how it goes and what to expect if you don't mind. Goodluck, and thanks for clearing this up for was starting to itch =P
  6. i done my selection at lichfield last week

    they dont test on situps or pressups anymore mate

    the only strength tests were

    static lift
    1.5mile run
    dynamic lift
    jerry can walk

    and also.. u dont have to do 10pullups , its best effort

    i banged 9 out.. some lads didnt even do 1 and still passed.
  7. Start training now with loads of CV work, heart and lung exercise. Do as much as you can and a bit more so your comfortable with it when you get there.

    Don't overdo it straight away, work up to it but start NOW.

    Chris just said they don't do situps or pressups anymore, but it shouldn't stop you training with them. Pressups are a common form of punishment so if you can do them without any hassle its better for you.

    When you start your training don't stick out like a bulldogs bollocks. If you can run the 1.5 miles in 8.5 minutes - great but do it in 10. Always let a few others beat you in running, even though you may be fastest. Never come first, but don't come last either. Don't draw attention to yourself. Go in under the radar.

    Good luck, you'll be fine I'm sure.

  8. This is exactly the kind of advice i need to hear ! Thanks a lot mate, cheers for giving a toss to the lot of you aswell.
  9. oh and if u smoke.. dont expect any fag breaks :lol:

    i dont smoke meself.. some of the lads were goin mad though coz they didnt get chance to smoke til about 8pm lol
  10. Oh dear Chris, think this bloke just had a sense of humour failour on me - lol.

  11. Isn't that the Royal Marine BPFA with pull-ups in it. I only mention it because I can't do pull-ups to save my life........

    As said above, I was sure it was best effort, as I can do the other parts of the BPFA but not the pullups

  12. neither could I mate

    but i bought 1 of those bars from argos that go in ya door frame

    deffo worth gettin 1... coz once you get used to doin it on them, you'll find it a lot easier on the wooden beam at RSC , you've got more support.
  13. I find running, swimming and cycling excellent forms of physical training,
    In the pool you are able to train any muscle group you wish to develop. Running and Cycling will develop your legs which will obviously be a great help during basic, don't do any training with weight on as you will most likely injure yourself and there is no need at this stage as you are built up for this during the early stages of training. Couple these with banging out a few repetitions of press ups and sit ups in the evening before you get your head down.
    Obviously up the repetitions and increase the time your training for when you start to find it easier.
    Take all the advice on this thread onboard and you should arrive at depot a 'MACHINE' :D
  14. hahaha a machine, im definatley feeling that! But speaking of injurys, every time i go for a run i always seem to pull my right calf muscle. I warm up like a tramp with a bottle of cheap whiskey, but i always seem to pull that stupid muscle. I did stop running for a week and give it time to heal, but yet again the next time i went running it started hurting. You reckon there are any more warm-ups that can be done in order to stop this? or should i just imagine a big guy shouting "STOP BEING A PUSSEY, GET ON YOUR FACE AND GIVE ME 30" Every time i feel a twinge?
  15. Not wanting to teach you to suck eggs, but you need to do a exercise specific warm up for a good 10 mins + prior to training, This will involve raising your heart rate above what your going to be working at, and stretches held for 10 - 15 seconds.
    If you keep pulling that muscle i recommend leaving off the running for a while in order to let it heal properly.
    There are a few exercises that you can do in lieu of going for a run.
    Ever tried pool running?
    This entails putting a float around your waist that keeps the body upright whilst in the water, You then do a running motion (in the deep end) whilst in the water, ensure you lean backwards and don't use the hands as paddles.
    You'll get some weird looks and move dead slow through the water, but i gurantee you will be hanging out of your arrse after a couple of widths.
    Your body will get the benefit of a good CV workout without putting as much stress on the Injured muscle.
    The waist floats don't cost much, and most good swimming pool's will have there own supply anyway.
    If you absolutely have to run though, just make sure you do a good warm up and bang on some Deep Heat/Tigerbalm.
    Hope this helps.