Keeping Firearms on Base

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Evans14, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. First post, so Hi

    Was wondering what the position is on most bases about keeping private firearms locked in base armories for use at nearby club?

    apparently it could be done 20 years ago but was wondering if that had changed.
  2. You will need the CO's permission to do this. He'll either grant it or not.
  3. Ok. Thanks for the speedy reply. From your experience do most CO's usually grant permission or not?
  4. I can't see any reason why they wouldn't but it's an individual thing.
  5. I've been doing this for over 20 yrs as I have a thing about guns in the house, but thats just me.
    Providing you have a current Fire arms cert, as RQ said, apply to the boss for permission to store your weapon in the Armory and if he's happy then jobs a good un.
    But you should ensure that if you (for example) remove the gun from the Armory on a Friday for a weekend shoot, its stored with due diligence before you put it back in on Monday. I know thats a bit 'teach your Granny etc', but just ensure its well secure while out of its normal secure area.
  6. And presumably buy the armourer the occasional pint?
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  7. You can keep them at home if you are in the SAS. Allegedly.
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  8. Having previously seen it done from a RN & Army point of I would suggest making enquiries of 'ease of access' of the main armoury or guardroom one.

    I know for a fact one armoury had a couple of CCF & personal shotguns but this in a guardroom armoury for flexibility & arrangement drafted up by CoC.
  9. Back when I was an armourer I can safely say I wouldn't touch a privately held weapon with a 20 foot pole.
  10. I believe that the appropriate person to be the recipient of gratefulness is the RQ.
  11. I was advised when inquiring about the idea that some police forces will object if you cannot prove that you have access at the times you are likely to be finished shooting - say Sat PM. They do not want a weapon unsecured in your home over the weekend because you shot a few groups on Sat AM.
  12. Good - because the main cause of complaint from owners of said weapons is that every Tom, Dick and Harriet standing about waiting in the Armoury wants to mess about with the unusual stuff !
  13. I saw it first hand, people handling and playing around with private weapons.

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  14. I doubt if you will find an armourer that drinks.........
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  15. I think that normally involved the readers wives pages though or a biscuit in the middle of a table or summat.