Keeping Deepcut in the Public Eye

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mullet_Hunter, Sep 23, 2004.

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    Sarge in grope probe No2
    Defence Editor

    A SERGEANT at controversial Deepcut barracks is being probed for alleged sex assaults on teenage trainee troops.

    It is the second sex scandal this month at the base where four rookies died in mysterious circumstances.

    Two teenagers say the senior NCO tried to kiss them and fondled one of the lad’s buttocks.

    To add to the embarrassment of top brass, the NCO has headed the Royal Logistics Corps’ Mobile Display Team travelling the country to promote a career in the service.

    The news comes two weeks after ex-Warrant Officer Leslie Skinner, 46, admitted five charges of indecent assault on victims aged 17 to 19.

    Military police are looking at an alleged culture of fear at the RLC’s Surrey HQ.

    Since 1995, four trainees aged 17 to 20 have been found shot dead there.

    Army probes ruled they were suicides but families believe they were murdered.

    The latest sex probe sergeant has been moved while the claims are investigated.

    An Army spokesman said: "All allegations of abuse are taken extremely seriously.”
  2. What is it with the RLC?

    Did their predecessor Corps suffer this sort of thing as well?
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  4. I am ex RAOC, spent a few years at Deepcut, both as a boy sldier and later as a Warrant Officer- never any problems like this.
    :oops: There is something rotten at me the whole thing stinks
  5. Also ex-RAOC The culture within the 'Really Large Corps' is indeed rotten.
    Deepcut for the RAOC never had problems on this scale.
    I believe the School of Transport at Lieconsfield is no better.
  6. There was nothing so blatant in '91/92, but this was when the transfer business was going on and the RLC was being formed.

    However, when I was posted to my first unit and was interviewed by my Educator OC, he simply raised an eyebrow and smirked when I told him I had just spent 9 months at Deepcut.

    Conspiracies involving feltchin' by mincin' dirty old cnuts are being stored deep within my mind for my own sanity! Why has nobody from within Deepcut shouted out?
  7. Brave words. Personally I would never have admitted to being a blanket stacker.
  8. this weeks Private eye mag has an excellent article in their "in the back" section Page 26 regarding ongoing stuff not usually found in the dailies
  9. don't think there is a link to the article
  10. You have to remember that in this manpower strapped army and especially for the tour riddled RLC that most OC's\CO's do not want to send the best leaders off to do a tour training recruits and instead send the NCO's that would least likely to be missed. This had it's good point and bad points. Good point being that units retain their skilled and experienced SGT’s and CPL’s so the CO gets an excellent write up at the end of a tour and everyone gets to go home with most of their bits intact.
    Down side being that all manner of psychologically damaged fruit cakes get put into positions of authority that no right minded person would dream of placing them, with the added evil of them being promoted even further once their spell at depot is completed. Gone are the days of the cream being posted to training regiments as a way of ensuring their careers are boosted by the experience. I remember going to Deepcut for the Corps Day and having to wear twos. Most of use were lance jacks and cpls with 3 to 6 medal apiece. The instructors from depot were also there in twos displaying a distressingly low amount of real world tour experience, including quite a few sgts with no operational experience at all!! Maybe vetting all potential instructors completely before sending them there could sort the problem out.
  11. With ATR Pirbright virtually next door there was for the RMP a large difference between the two depots. While 160 RMP based in Aldershot would attend both camps anytime I attended Deepcut (1998/9) the call outs were for some petty crime, a lot of theft from lockers etc etc. The bods at the guardroom seemed to be pretty disguted with the behaviour and standards of the recruits and compared to Pirbright there seemed to be a huge difference in the atmosphere.

    Perhaps there is a certain element of truth in the previous post concerning DS, while I did meet some very professional staff some were rather questionable in turn out alone (at a depot, unacceptable) It is fair to say if you are trained by dross... I can only imagine five years down the line the situation has not improved.
  12. Interesting words about Deepcut but all a bit dated. first the Sgt - he is alleged to have done something - lets wait and see.

    As for Deepcut and open days No 2 s etc- well I have been going to Corps day for the last 5 yeasr no No2s. Quality of staff same as every where - some excellent, some very good some Ok a few not too good. In all the news about Deepcut one thing stands out and i was posted there 4 years ago - no one has been charged with anything other than Skinner. No police action against anyone. Lots of allegations in the press lots of noise but nothing else.

    All depots are hated places and Deepcut has had problems in the past from what I hear the last 4 yeasr they have all worked their bollocks of to turn the place around and are still getting no credit for it.

    if you really want a laugh check out whats been going on in some of the other training regt in the Army but dont get in the press. Deepcut is the least of our problems
  13. Baddass you couldn't have been a stacker even if you had wanted to because you don't have the finger span to count them properly. Maybe something to do with having webbed hands and feet? Are you from Norfolk?
  14. Baddass, If thats the best you can come up with you are really slipping in the quality (or lack of) in your posts!

    'Blanket Stackers' or Supply Specs were one of many RAOC trades. Funny thing is Stacking Blankets is a QM Department task, carried out by RD's or whatever you call them today.

    ex-RAOC Trades such as Ammunition Technician (321 EOD in NI is the most decorated peacetime unit in the Army - and I do not mean coats of paint!) Photographers, Petroleum Operators, Chemical Lab Assistant Supply Specialists, Butchers, Bakers, Bath/Laundry Operators , Supply Clerks, Staff Clerks, Vehicle Mechanics. Printers, Drivers, RD/MTI and others made the RAOC a diverse Supply Corps.

    Add to this the specialisations of the RCT, ACC, RPC & RE (postal) that make up the RLC you can see that it is a logistics task in itself to manage the Phase II Trainees passing throw Deepcut in transit or awaiting courses is a major task.

    Major changes have been made, But Deepcut is a target for media attention.

    Extract from:

    4 were at Deepcut - What about the rest?
  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Ah .... the 'In the back' section of Private Eye. Now there's a balanced and objective column if ever there was one.