Keeping a happy ship.

Have kind of fallen on my feet lately and am covering for someone who is on the sick for 6 months. I work in property maintenance and have gobe from being a supervisor to effectively a temporary Contracts Mamager. I am happy with my role but have not had a large amount of supervisory experiance so was wondering if any arssers for tips to keep running a happy ship!

Cheers all.

Callum B
Learn to spell, or invest in a dictionary. Read what you write before sending it.
Aside from the pedantic spelling/grammer shite i'd advise the following; reward performance, both individually and as a collective and effectively manage the lads careers, its what your there for!
If (as I suspect) you have fitting teams set them some goals, there are always pennies in the pot post snagging that get shared out, be nice to your blokes and they be extra nice to you..
Stay on top of your one to ones and your toolbox talks, make sure you stick to the golden rule and dont bullshit people, a straight answer is a straight answer, it beats trying to blag it.

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