Keeping 45 Commando's wheels turning in Helmand

Ministry of Defence said:
Keeping the wheels turning on vehicles of the 45 Commando Royal Marines Battle Group in the Nad 'Ali (South) area of Helmand province is a team of military engineers. Report by Ian Carr.

Stopped reading that RSS bollocks a while ago, but it's amusing to read the responses.

People seem genuinely surprised that every day is a slow news day at MOD RSS.

I like the way the thread title reads 'RAF Regiment saves government' so I could imagine the rest being 'cutting their number by 99% by committing ritual suicide en mase'.

It's Friday, it's not my best work.
No where can I see the RAF Regt mentioned in this report, however it does report that an RAF ''ENGINEERING OFFICER'' has become a competent Pashton speaker, & is on the ground in Afghanistan doing his bit to try & bring peace & stability to that area. All very commendable IMHO

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