Keep yourself High and Dry guys and girls!

I'm about to start my termination leave after nearly 15 yrs service. 4 weeks to go before I'm officially a real honest of god MISTER again!
What I've found is that not one organisation really wants to help you out unless it involves you giving them money when you're leaving. Job wise if you know what you want to do then more than likely you'll be ok on that score.
Housing on the other hand is a nightmare;
I hadn't been able to afford a mortgage, I'd still be pushing my luck to go ahead with one. So, i registered with around 10 housing associations and councils across Hampshire (my new job takes me there). Not one of them can help me right now because every other Tom, Dick & Harry HAS PRIORITY over us ex forces. Once upon a time, We could pretty much be guaranteed a house of some description when we left the forces providing we could pay for it weather it be renting, buying or whatever.

Get yourself sorted with a mortgage, stick your name down on a council register, bang an application in to a housing agency or association. Save yourselves the nightmare i'm in right now with finding myself knocking on 101 Schisse strasse cus finding a house in your last 10 weeks is a nightmare. it's made even harder for married guys due to the fact that the DHE will not issue a "Notice to vacate" until you have 6 months left in quarters.

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