Keep Your Grubby Limey Dick Peelers Off My Constitution!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by AubreyGerrard, May 20, 2004.

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  1. Im all for it!

    First thing we would do is pop G Dubya back in his enclosure at Twycross, second thing is lob your bill of rights in the bit bucket and lastly apologise on your behalve to the rest of the world for your dumb behaviour for the past 230 years. If you havent got it right now, you never will. Fcuking good experiment though. :lol: :lol:
  2. Flash,
    by the sounds of it you guys can round up the Kennedy clan, once the treaty is signed...good luck with that , Teddy drinks a vat of booze for breakfast, guess the squaddies will have to fore go the daily piss up :D
  3. Good show Aubs. I am sure one of my forebears lost a sh1tload of land in Massachussets during the revolution, so I will be putting in a claim as aoon as the law comes onto the books.
  4. Maybe for once we can screw some other sad-sac instead of us getting our hoops shafted (usually by the EU).

    Maybe this is a conspiracy theory for the EU to influence the US via the UK? What do you think GQ? Your full of shiit, so your opinion here would be worthwhile :wink:
  5. And the problem with being able to exctradite Irish terrorists to the UK is?

    That is of course unless the US is advocating a policy of a 'War Against Terror' as long as you keep your hands off ours?

    Until 9/11 most of the funds for the IRA came from the US 'Irish' community in their support for the 'Irish Freedom Movement'. Now they suspect that they were supporting terrorists and instead of sitting around trying to forget what their money was responsible for they should do something about it.

    Just a historical note here.... How daft are our colonial cousins? What were the freedom fighters fighting against? The oppressive British government? Where else in the world have 'freedom fighters' fought a campaign against oppression while at the same time claiming benifit, farming subsidies and being under full protection of the law from the very same government??? Sounds like 'freedom' to me. :?
  6. This seems to be a bit of a whiney codswollop article. I was quite surprised at their 'outrage' that their citizens could be tried in the barbaric UK courts (adlibbing a bit).

    Somwhat of a nitwit thing I must say. After all we're not the country which allows it's police officers to blatently lie to suspects to force a confession, be it true or not. We also don't have a death penalty.

    However Im all for taking the 'forefathers' assets. Here's to owning half of the US.
  7. Lets just invade France.

    I know the Krauts would be up for it, and as the Frogs dont like a scrap they would refuse to fight as there was no UN mandate for the invasion. ( Reclamation, actually. )
  8. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Oh, so they are 'activists' now?

    Anyone else sense a hidden agenda from these 'protesters' yet?
  9. Ummmm, I did. See above post :roll: