Keep Soldiers From Society?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by wotan, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. Here in Canada we are in the midst of an election campaign. Combine this with too much egg-nog and moose-milk and folks can expect all sorts of silliness to be forthcoming. Folks embarass themselves at Christmas office parties, re-gifters embarass themselves by presenting a gift to the person that originally gave it to them and politicians just embarass themselves. Especially when they speak.

    Our current Defence Critic, Conservative MP Gordon O'Connor has our "special forces" troops, the JTF 2 in his riding. He has recently stated that he would like them removed from his riding and permanently confined to a military base because:

    "They're very highly trained people who are trained in anti-social skills, I would call it - they're trained to kill people in various ways. I would prefer them to be under iron-tight discipline inside a military base."

    Hmmmm, I thought all of our soldiers were supposedly trained to kill people in a variety of ways. Knives, shovels, unarmed, rifles, grenades, etc, etc. Using this logic, by extension all soldiers would be anti-social. As would, I suppose, all police officers be.

    And what fun it would be to live in the retired Brigadier General's fantasy world (yes, he is a retired zipper-head). Life confined to a military base for our soldiers, but we can't keep a school-girl rapist-murderer in jail for life. And what to do with these soldiers when they release from the Canadian Forces? Apparently they wouldn't be trustworthy enough to allow back into our society. So what to do? Deport them? Imprison them? Or perhaps, "special treatment" with a can of Zyklon-B would be more to the General's liking? After all, it would save on those costly pensions that soldiers earn during their careers.
  2. You aren't really surprised are you?

    But really as far as JF2 goes, there is a perfectly good military base they could use in Chilliwack BC.

    (O'Connor was a Strathcona?)
  3. I had hoped that the Tories might be a little more switched on to the military culture. Had this been a Liberal bonehead that I would have seen it as par for the course. Ah well, it seems even our erstwhile "friends" don't like us much. A round of Kipling anyone?

    I don't know whether O'Connor was a Strat, RCD, 8 CH or 5 RBC. In fact, I don't know much about him at all and his bio on his own site doesn't make too much mention of his CF connections. Maybe he was a shad?

    At any rate, from what he has said, I certainly don't have much use for the man.
  4. I hear the Minute Man Militia on the Texas and Arizona Mexico Boarder is stretched, how about sending them this way to hurricane and tornado country :D .

    Is a stretch; you lot drink bear piss and live in snow but could be seen as a year long vacation.
  5. I mentioned Strathcona, as I was 'corrected' one time, being told that they were the one and true 'zipper heads' and none other had 'earned' the title.

    If O'Connor was a General, he should be easy enough to look up.
    But it wouldn't really surprise me, sometimes ex-serving are the Forces own worst enemy.
  6. interesting thought. Perhaps we could ask the Russians to take him into space as our new Trans-Galactic Ambassador To Planet Glimdo 5. You don't think they would bring him back though, do ya?