Keen to start hunting, advice please on hunting on MOD land.


Hi all

Im currently serving in the RE in germany but im due to be posted back to the UK sometime this year and would love to get involved in some shooting sports.

The type of shooting that interests me is wildfowling, rough shooting and deer stalking. I understand i would need to do some courses (DSC1 & 2) for deer management but what about for rough shooting?

Once i get my certs and i am deemed competent would i be able to go out on my own or do you always need to be accompanied? and am i limited to shooting on my local training areas or as a serving member can i shoot on any MOD land?

I know there are a lot of questions there but i would really appreciate some advice

Thanks in advance



Deer stalking is done under the auspices of DDM (Defence Deer Management) and is open to all serving military, as long as you have at least 5yrs left to serve when you start with them. Some people will tell you that it's a closed shop officer's club, but it isn't. However you will have to seek out the right people once you know where you are posted. Once you're in, you will be allocated to a Trg Area and will work to the cull plan for that area.

Rough shooting - pot luck this one, some Trg Areas have a "pottering club" or some such, some have more formal shoots or shooting clubs. Eg if you go to Chatham/Maidstone there is a Wildfowling Club with access to some fantastic foreshore shooting (or at least there used to be)
My lad can give a hearty recommendation for a weekend course with our very own Ugly if you can get to SE England for a couple of days.


Cheers for that. The ground I have at the moment (more coming soon) has lots of Fallow and Muntjac. I've been waiting for muntjac as you can use .223 on them legally so another excuse for another rifle! This time I may buy a left hander for the odd clients I have.


If you want to do the DDM route then a formal DSC1 & 2 will be needed unless you join St Huberts club (I highly recommend them). You can pick up stalking fairly cheaply if you put in the leg work but you will be pushed to a level of formal training in the UK now although it isnt mandatory in law try appealing the variation without a few years stalking experience and an evidence portfolio!
The courses I run are designed to give a taster experience with the minimum of classroom work. The DSC1 gives bods who can read a book and pass a multi guess test a cert saying they are qualified stalkers. The old bill realise what has happened and often ask for mentoring clauses on FACs. Try appealing those as they have no basis in law.
Now I can do all of this and roll it up into stalking. I also keep a stalking diary (something you all should do) of my clients (for yourselves) and get the entries signed off by the stalking guide so you have evidence for the rozzers.

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