keela waterproofs

i have seen a few blokes with these type of waterproofs. I have chkecked out the price and realised i need to flog a kidney to afford them. are they worth it?
Used Keela jackets for a while now. I like them. Have used the Munro jacket for the last couple of years.
At about £160.00 I don't think that it is too expensive compared with other makes. In fact because of the price I bought this one and not one by Mtn Equipt, Berghaus etc which can be nearer twice the price. The only downside I have found is that it is a little heavier than other coats, but I can live with that.


Edited to add: How come when youtype in a brand name, as above, it is linked to Amazon. Have ARRSE got a deal going?


I've got a set they are worth their weight in gold, the don't leak at all,like goretex eventually does you can get them in the PRI in Dering lines.
They really are a high quality product. I've personally used their products for a while now and they probably the best one of the best in their field. Their DPM Jacket and salopettes vs the Issue kit is like comparing an F1 car with a tractor!



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Perfect for those arctic bear cull camo requirements.


True, but I'd be a little hesistant about buying any gucci kit until it's certain what's happening regarding PECOC
I'm with Daywalker when 95 kit came out we didn't get it till 97/98 and even then we still wore the denims in camp to " prolong" the life of 95 kit, plus I have the keela stuff it's mega.
Only thing that puts me off is the price of the stuff.
I have had two Keela Munro's and they are excellent kit - I managed to shred the first on the ring of steel a few years back and Keela were quite happy to replace a sleeve for me at minimal cost.

If you can afford it, you should seriously shell out for a Munro - the quality of it is fantastic and despite me managing to destroy one they are very hard wearing. You should also look at the features on it - for a similar featured jacket, you could easily pay twice that.

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