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Keela Insectshield Peru Trousers


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A good pair of walking trousers can go a long way (ha, see what I did there? Honestly, I should get paid for this comedy gold…), but it’s tough to find the right trousers and it’s through trial and often expensive error that we find our preferred fit, style and design. The one common ground is that we want something light, comfortable and breathable.

Keela have taken their extensive knowledge of outdoor products and developed the Peru trousers to provide just such an option along with an added benefit which we’ll look at later.​

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Peru trousers - Image courtesy of Keela

The Peru is made with a 96% Nylon, 4% spandex mix and is part of Keela’s Stretch-Tec series. This means the trouser has the flexibility and robustness required to move and stretch with your own movements, rather than fighting against your natural rhythm. This gives you an exceptional level of spread when it comes to tackling any inclines, and there’s none of the tugging or resistance you’d find in a standard pair of trousers; the spandex element really gives a tremendous stretch capacity to the trousers and the overall feeling is one of freedom and mobility.

I took the Peru with me to Portugal and have also used it in and around the west of Scotland for various walks and treks, and throughout that comfort has been apparent, with no chaffing of delicate parts and no real build-up of moisture or sweat you can get with heavier materials.

Another element of comfort is the elasticated waistband, which is a brucey bonus as I seem to have once again gone up rather than down the scales. I opted for a 34” waist which is, er, snug, but the elastic waistband still makes it a comfortable fit. If it wasn’t elasticated, I suspect I wouldn’t be fitting in to them!

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Elasticated waistband, thank god

The knees are also articulated, which means there is again, essentially spare fabric there designed to accommodate the bend of the knee. This combines in with the Stretch-Tec ideal to create a very generous and forgiving bit of clothing.

There are six pockets in total, the first one being a left side map pocket with a Velcro flap. It has a centre split which means that when empty, the pocket sits fairly flush to the leg, but if you fill it, the space expands inside thanks to...
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You'd be in with a chance if you'd posted it in the right place. :D
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