Keegan resigns

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by TheIronDuke, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    So I'm told. A run-in with owner Ashley over transfer funds it seems. Just another St. James rumour? Maybe. Its not like he's got a history of throwing his toys out of the pram when things dont go his way. Bah. Anybody know what that swarthy dwarf who used to run Chelski is up to these days?
  2. Not quite;

    BTW, not a particularly flattering pic in the Beeb's article.
  3. The question now is, after the Allardyce and Keegan debacles, what serious manager would go there? They fcuked themselves and lost all sympathy here when they got rid of big Sam, They'll just go on having enough money to buy a couple of decent but not world-class attacking players, never have a decent defence and languish in mid-table mediocrity. The question they have to ask themselves is, are they serious about ever winning a trophy? if so, they need to change the culture of the club, otherwise it'll be mediocrity in Geordieland forever...
  4. Fcuking shytehawk!


    Shyte bloke, shyte chairman, shyte shops.

    Once again a Newcastle manager gets no FCUKING support from the fat, lager swilling rag merchant.

    No wonder attendances are falling with this obese cretin at the helm. The players are taking the Pyss, the board are taking the pyss, and the chairman spent last saturday on the pyss, and the joke is on the fans. Buy a season ticket? I would rather pyss my 600 quid up the wall thanks, or even as a last resort, get the Metro to the Stadium of Shyte.
  5. I work in a new office block behind the Strawberry Pub opposite St James' PArk. Keegan is now reported to have been sacked - A lynch mob is forming for Ashley's head that appears to have a bigger turn out than Mussolini's!!!
  6. I am out soon and need a job, I am also PTI qualified and have watched football for years,

    Can I apply for the job, I will do it for a lot less money than the previous 2 managers and I will probably make a right pigs ear of it as well, no change there then!!!
  7. Life doesn't get much better, Boro playing well, Toon in the Shoite . Just need Keane to Bankrupt Sunderland now :D
  8. As a Leeds United fan i can honestly say that i hold no sympathy for Newcastle, however what i will say is that i think keegan is an excellent manager for them as shown in their recent signing of Jonas (The Argantinian midfielder (AKA Spiderman)) and losing Kevin is a mistake that they will regret unless of course they use Dennis Wise as their primary manager which would be, i believe, a huge step fowards for them.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Normally I would ask who's at home minding the kids, but I cant be arrsed.

    Just spoken to a mate of mine who was driving through Darras Hall. The press are camped out in tents outside Keegans gaff and theres fans with placards saying "Dont leave us".

    Anyone want to take bets on how many are outside SJP at 6.00pm?
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Reports he has been sacked
    Wise and Poyet are the new dream team apparently
    Fans on the three Legends last night weren't happy with Ashley with some alleging that he had about 3 pints on Saturday and then drove from the ground
    Let the lynching begin

    Dennis Wise and Gus Poyet are favourites to take over at Newcastle after Kevin Keegan was sensationally sacked by the club this morning.
    Following an explosive meeting at the club yesterday, owner Mike Ashley has decided to end Keegan's eight-month reign as club manager.
    The pair are understood to have clashed over the club's transfer policy and the decision to try and sell controversial midfielder Joey Barton. After announcing the sale of England Under 21 captain James Milner last week, Keegan called on Newcastle supporters to judge him and the club after the closure of the transfer window
  11. I hate to say this but i fully agree! theres going to be hell on in the Toon. As allready stated on here there are some heavy crowds building at st james, just been down there meself on the way back from the RVI.

    Its no coincidence that little tw@ wise was brung in not long after Keegan last year. Its widely beleived that Ashley thought if KK gives me any aggro, or wont play by my rules, i'll sack him and Dennis Wise can have his job!
  12. Let's hope Wise never has to take a taxi home from work or it could all end in tears............ :)
  13. Typical gloating Nappy Ripper!