Kebabs in the city of London

Well.... after having received a facial beating from supergal I decided to wander off into the ferkin mile and have myself some real ale.

Funnily enough, when my farts started to smell I thought I needed food and in true style looked for a kebab house.

I, being a healthy sorta guy, ordered a chicken KEEBAB with chips and hot chilli sauce.

Fu-ck me, it was hot.

Snort dribbling flame crusts stippling outta my nose would have had MSR looking like the pregnant twat he is and Flashy dreaming of a gay night in with yannie.

I managed to swallow Consumeables I paid for inbetween talking to the slug with dribbles of snot landing in my KEEBAB.

MDN, who is a right tart UI have been told, would have been proud of me.... coughing flames like a pissed welsh dragon I managed to blag a "licenced" cab home for 35 not 50£!!!


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