Kebab Pot Noodles.

the_matelot said:
LancePrivateJones said:
I see that God has moved in a mysterious way once again.

Kebab flavoured Pot Noodles.

Here :

Can't wait.
I feel ill just thinking about it. I don't think I'd eat one of those after a skinful. In fact, I'd rather shag Slug than eat a Kebab pot noodle!!!
That is a bit of a startling comparison Matty.
I have never met the lady so I could'nt possibly comment.
It's only a Kebab Pot Noodle for fecks sake and I think it is the way forward for all drunken gets like myself.

A culinary miracle no less.
I can't quite believe we're discussing pot noodles in the cookery area!
I used to be able to just about stomach the odd chicken and mushroom one, or chicken curry just once in a while, if I was REALLY hungry. These stupid flavours are just so synthetic though... Kebab? Bombay bad boy? Bacon sizzler? All just varying degrees of plastic and MSG. :puker: :tp:
Even when you're drunk, is an actual kebab not better? Or if Stavros is closed, how about some beans on toast at home? :x
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