Kebab Beef Cubes

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by TheGrinch, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. Morning All. Got a bag (440g) of Donald Russell Kebab Beef Cubes defrosting. These are essentially made from offcuts of really nice quality fillet, sirloin and rump steak and as far as I can tell too good for stewing / casseroles. Apart from the obvious kebabs, any ideas for something quick and tasty for 2 hungry adults? Thanks in advance
  2. Toast?...lots of it.
  3. Throw the lot in a slow cooker, add veg of your choice, spice to taste. Set slow cooker to low, go out, return 4 or 5 hours later, enjoy
  4. As above but with curry paste.
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  5. You didn't read the question did you? He asked for something quick and specifically not stew.

    Thaw out, thread on skewers, blast with a blow torch and smear with marmite. Have something healthy and nutritious for a different meal.

    These aren't kebabs - just savoury skewered meat (just in case somebody says that I didn't read the question).
  6. That website is ridiculously expensive! £9.50 for a 210g rib eye, it better be Kobe beef from cows that have exclusively eaten Aberdeen Angus beef and drank 15 year old single malt then been hung for 28 years.
  7. Thanks for the advice everyone. Yes it is expensive, but if you go via Quidco and get their cashback and special offers it gets more affordable. The steaks really are
    are restaurant quality, and once you've ordered from them they send you special offers direct. Well worth it in my opinion if you like good steak and can cook it properly (they even send you a booklet explaining how not to ruin it).
  8. I'd cut into roughly equal sizes, chop up some green peppers, onion and mushrooms. Fry meat in a wok, add onions, peppers, pop some garlic and black bean paste. Add a bit of water, allow sauce to thicken and serve with rice.
    Chop garlic, mushrooms, fry meat, remove when browned, add butter to pan fry mushrooms, garlic, add a splash of white wine, bit of tarragon, reduce, add some double cream, put meat back in. Serve when sauce thickened. Serve with whatever you want.
  9. For some reason I read the title of the thread as Kebab Beef Curtains.....possibly it was wishful thinking.
  10. In a hurry? Use a pressure cooker, then a few minutes before chuck in either a curry mix or turn into a stew with some celery, carrot, potatoes or anything else you can find.
  11. Expensive meat for a stew or a curry mate.
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  12. Jarrod's chinese would be a good choice, thin sliced steak, well marinaded, then the different veg.... I would add 1/2 jar of bamboo shoots, (Chuck the rest with some liquid in a freezer bag for another meal ) and some bean sprouts added right towards the end.

    Add soy sauce and chili sauce to taste, but really, that amount of steak would easily feed 4 in a chinese with plenty of veg...... as you cook it, add to a large dish in a warm oven, the last few minutes, throw in a dish with a bag of prawn crackers, about 70p in Aldi/ Lidl.

    As for the stir- fry oil, my favourite is half sunflower, half sesame, not like a relation who complained her chinese tasted like shit..... it would if you used extra virgin olive oil.
  13. I love the dried shitake mushrooms with beef, much more flavour than fresh or tinned. Visit a Chinese supermarket and do a big shop, soy sauce and all the other goodies are much cheaper there. Get a couple of bottles of oyster sauce, you don't need much, but add equal quantities of cornflour and cold water to make a sauce. It's great in stews also.
    They'll have Thai green curry paste use Mae ploy brand, only need a few teaspoons it'll last years. Pop small amount of oil in a pan, heat add paste to release flavours, pop coconut milk, heat it up, whisking it. Add raw meat and veg. Serve when it's cooked.
  14. Beef Kebabs with Chili Bean Sauce
    Lee Kum Kee are a good brand for chinese sauces, you'll not want to pay for chinese takeaways again. Takeaway's and restaurants only use small amounts of sauce as the Chinese are so thrifty, it does pay to wonder around the chinese supermarket, look at recipes online or buy one of Ken Hom's books.
  15. Have you been in B&M or Home Bargains, Jarrod?

    They have a lot of crap, but they also have some awesome job lots of weird and wonderful stuff, much of it "end of lines or job lots"

    If you like it, get back and hoover it up, because you'll never see it again.

    Jamaican jerk sauces, Thai sauces, Indian ingredients, all mostly home made in the original countries.

    Like yourself, I keep a store cupboard of goodies.......

    Plus it's well worth keeping an eye on Aldi? Lidl, they have specialty weeks where they do lots of goodies and the prices are cheap.
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