KCNA: is it the model for the Grauniad?

I just logged onto the North Korean News Agency for a bit of an uplifting read, and it was almost like the Grauniad in support of the socialist government:

The youth and students should take the van in bringing into fuller blossom the revolutionary traits of our society in which leader Kim Jong Il (Tony BLiar)is held in high esteem as father, cherishing the unshakable belief that our leader is best and the line and policies of the Workers' Party of Korea (New Labour)are most valid and the revolutionary philosophy that one-minded unity with the headquarters of the revolution and socialism are an immortal community of destiny, the appeal says, and goes on:
The young people should take the lead in barring reactionary ideological viruses and the corrupt bourgeois way of life from infiltrating into our society and making it overflow with revolutionary soldier culture in the Songun (New Labour) era.
He praises Kim Jong Il as the defender of eternal happiness and peace who clears away the dark clouds of war hanging over the planet and the brilliant commander of the century the mere mention of whose name makes a formidable enemy millions strong tremble.
I bet BLiar wishes he had this kind of press :lol:
I bet BLiar wishes he had this kind of press
You don't read The Sun , do you Woops? :D

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