Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigdaddy, May 26, 2008.

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  1. Hi Gents & Ladies

    I fancy going overseas again - Iraq, Afghan, Bos etc as a contractor (ex AGC happy to be a clerk or untrained role).

    I don't mind going overseas and am considering TA but thought it might be more profitable going as a civvie. I currently work as a Finance Administrator.

    KBR has been mentioned to me, can anyone give me a heads up?

  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    KBR have no care for their employees and dont give a to$$ about the contracts that they are supposed to deliver on either!
  3. mmmmm thats a bit damning Ugly on what do you base that comment? Are they really as bad as all that?
  4. Try Blue Hackle. They have been screaming out for a quality AGC Clerk. But you have to be really good though. They have had problems with choppers in the past.

    I can supply a contact detail if necessary. PM me
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    There have been well publicised examples on world TV News showing KBR drivers left to die by US forces, also well documented cases of KBR and Pentagon investigated by the House of senate for contractural irregularities, (Fraud to you and me), and many sad cases a couple told by an old ex mucker on "the currency exchange!" of people being stiffed by the firm, having leave denied and being left unprotected resulting in deaths.
    Only what my mates mums nephews third cousin overheard in the pub!
    serious though, pick a UK firm if possible or an EU one!
  6. KBR or TURNER FM work in both the sandy places.

    i am possibly off to work for KBR next year when i finish. i know several ex-corps (RE) working for KBR & they have had no problems at all.

    far worse you could work for especially in the UK.

  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I suppose it all depends on what job you take, I wouldnt drive for them!
  8. Ugly has it right. This is all anecdotal but I have several aquaintances who have worked with KBR before and after it (apparantly) split from Haliburton.

    You may have heard that US forces were getting exceptionally urined off with essentialy acting as force protection for private security firms. This has now swung the other way with private logistics being almost solely reliant for protection on such heroes as "Blackwater", who because they no longer have the USMC and army to back them up, seem a little less prepared to get down and dirty.

    There are some moral issues regarding employment by such firms - a little internet research should give you an idea.

    Uglies point about British or EU firms is also a good one in that a huge amount of the money supposedly going towards Iraqi reconstruction is heading straight back to the US. Get your hands on some of it I say.
    If anyone with first hand experience disagrees, the floor is yours...
  9. i am possibly going out as a sparky or a designer.
  10. I have friends working for KBR and the have heard murmurings that they are trying to distance themselves as far as possible from Halliburton (the yank side of the company that is allegedly the uncaring crap side of the business).Apparently there was a split sometime last year. I'm also led to believe that their websites are no longer linked and that KBR are now fully UK based.
    Please be aware all of the above is merely rumour :twisted:

    edited for being too slow and beaten to it by theblindking
  11. work out of Leatherhead, Surrey.

  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The Brown and Root bit were in my industry a few years ago, sold up to another septic firm and the new mob were a whole lot better. Not sure if I would put too much faith in a "foreign" outfit, lets face it they hardly seem able to look after their own!
    For the life of me and 7 cans of strongbow I cant remember the name of the new mob but they were worlds better!
    I knew a really nice planner that used to work for Haliburton and his ID was endorse TNA, Third Nation alien as in foreigner so not privvy to lots of important company shoite and also treated lower than a filipino pool boy (his words).
  13. OK Ugly whilst I know the US side of KBR have some serious issues, and I wouldnt work for them. I worked for the UK side (based in leatherhead) in Basrah for 4 years. I enjoyed it and felt that we did a reasonable job. I never felt we let down the folks we were supposed to be looking after and was reasonably happy with what we provided for them. The show in country is currently run by 2 ex soldiers (one inf and one RLC). They are top blokes and they care

    Please guys be careful that you dont tar KBR (UK) with the same brush as their US counterparts. They are a different financial entity and a UK registered company. They are defintiely not the same as the US KBR.

    By the way I am not some screaming civvy walt. I was 25 year in the Army and enjoyed every bit. I still work for KBR (UK) but in Abu Dhabi. I will not get a bonus for writing this just want to put the record straight. Happy to speak to anyone who is thinking of going out anywhere with KBR and have already PMd the original poster on this thread
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ok Mucker, thats what the original poster was after, I was cautioning against leaping without checking who he could or would be employed by, hopefully most firms by now have sorted out the yee haws and the yee haw firms have also gone, One thing to remember is that in the end its $&£ that count and not some employees life. No firm in Iraq with staff will be persecuted anything like as hard for H&S failings causing loss of life as a british soldier would be by scum barrister types for accidentally or even deliberatley during a contact shooting an enemy!
    By the way, thanks for answering his post, he needs now to follow up with a decent enquiry and perhaps you can help!
  15. You are right, with any civvy company there are commercial pressures, and that sometimes leads to frustrations, although we never compromised knowingly on HSE. The HSE manager on that job is also ex infantry and another top bloke. I also know the civil servant who is the "client rep" on that job from when he and i were both serving. I know if we werent performing he would know and I would never be able to hold my head up in his company again.

    I still count him as a friend