Anyone here had any dealings with them to do with LOGCAP III Project.

Asking as Im due to fly out next month to start their processing stuff in Houston and I am after a heads up.

Thank you.
Just after info as to what happens at the processing centre, gossip about KBR would be good too.
I started out here with KBR and to be honest id cry like a baby if was contracted with them again. They are notorious bad payers and considering they supply a vast majority or the logistaical support here , the conditions the employees have are rubbish. well where i was they were but obviously cant speak for other bases. To make it even worse the majority of their work force is rednecks and to say they are diferent would be an understatement.
As for the center well if you are after your DOD card then with a bit of luck you will just give them your details , slob it for a few days in downtown OOOOston then they pick you up to hurry up and wait while they do your Biometrics for your DOD. If you get the spare time then get to the space Center! What is the job you are doing?
Off to run a reverse osmosis water purification unit.

thanks for the heads up on things. To be honest, my only worry is not getting paid for six to eight weeks once I deploy with them.

Still, it's an adventure, as, I've never been to the states and it's loads of tax free cash, which is always nice :D

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