Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by mucus2, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. I see from their web site, that KBR seem to be undergoing a rush job to recruit for posts in the 'Stan. Approach with some caution if any of you are interested. Not for nothing are they known as Klansmen, Brothers and Rednecks.

    I know some good bloke working for them, but also came across several complete nobbers. Depending on the dollar exchange rate, pay varies unless you can set yourself up with a offshore account.
  2. I know a load of Brits working for them in KAF, they were great, they helped out the squaddies on a few occasions.
  3. Any of you guys got a contact that I can approach? Need to get a new job as being a Civil Servant is killing me.

    Many thanks

  4. http://mssparky.com/

    KBR press release 1200hrs 8 JULY 09

    By now I am sure you have all heard or read about the LOGCAP IV announcement. First I will tell you I was shocked when I received word last night that we had not been selected for any of the work in Afghanistan . Then I began to think about all we had accomplished over the years in Afghanistan and believe me I could talk about it for hours. All of you should be proud of the role played in those accomplishments. I know I am proud of the service and sacrifice all of you have made in support of this mission.

    We now have another mission in front of us and that is transition. This transition will include all our missions in the South to DynCorp and all our missions in the North to Fluor. The transition covers 82 sites and all six task orders. We have not been informed how or what area the Government will want us to start in. The dust will have to settle and numerous meetings will be held before we have any idea of the Government plan.................

    KBR are on the run over there (allegations of misappropriation of $10 000 000 000 over the past few years), a lot of sites that have won contracts on the LOGCAP IV (4) will not take you on as you are NOT American, simple as that I'm afraid.

    Been said before good blokes (most places are RE reunion camps) high up management got too greedy everyone’s suffering now.

    I used this link http://www.publicintegrity.org/tools/entry/122/ and “Google” each company and email a CV to each one....I start with one of the top 10 companies in October :D . 43 CV's out... 1 reply...1 interview, one job
  5. Dont get mistaken between KBR US and KBR UK. The contract that has been let(LOGCAP 1V) is a contract KBR US went for but was unsuccessful. KBR US still have LOGCAP III in Iraq.

    Although the same company, they work independently. KBR UK are always on the lookout for tradesman, project managers etc to work on contracts in support of the UK MoD abroad.

    KBR was recently scored by the Military as the best MoD contractor with an unprecedented overall score that has never been achieved by any other contractor.
  6. There were rumours in 07 about KBR getting spanked and binned off LOGCAP, especially the water side of things.
    Their LOGCAP web page had openings in the 'Stan, lots of them.

    Time to fire out a few emails me thinks.
  7. Started Working for KBR ( US ) last year in April after receiving an invite to work for them from an application that I filled in about 2 years previous.

    Initial part was the so called training in Houston Texas, where a lot of irrelevant information is taught to you and you have a surreal NBC lesson where you wear plastic painters coveralls held together with duct tape,and lots of hurrah for the company type moments.The wait to actually fly out to Kuwait.....6 weeks in total for me( including training )and unpaid until your plane leaves the tarmac.

    I stuck it for 4 and half months,before i resigned on safety concerns.

    It wasn't that you were working 16+ hour days..seven days a week.....even though you were only being paid 12 hours a day,seven days a week at straight time, as they only pay you for on-site time and not the other 4 to 6 hours for travel and security clearing.

    What gripped my shite was the blatant profiteering from the company towards its own nations troops.

    Being told to stretch a job out for as long as possible so that we appeared to be constantly busy...and could then justify the massive amounts of people working on the base who in reality did bugger all.

    Working alongside so called operators who were neither safe,competent or held a licence for the task they were employed in....and seeing the schoolboy errors repeated on a daily basis and constantly hushed up.

    People in charge who in no-way or capacity had any experience as a proffesional in what they were managing.

    I had a 200 ton crane kept in the workshop for 3 days for a supposed fault until I went down and enquired.....the mechanics could not work out how to disengage the all wheel steer/drive on the crane so would not release it......I took the senior mechanic around to the drivers door on the bottom cab and asked him to read what it said.........Demag 10x10 constant all wheel drive and steer......

    The list goes on...
  8. Well said Smithy749

    I have posted several times on here in relation to posts regarding KBR.

    I left the Army in 1999 as a WO1 and have worked for the last 6 years for KBR(UK) out of Leatherhead. My posts have included over 3 years as Logistics Manager Basrah (looking after all TDA sites and other life support contracts in Southern Iraq) assisting the mobilisation of the Logistics operation to support KBR(UK) operation in support of British Forces in Kandahar and Bastion and I am currently the Logistics Coordinator on a large construction project in Abu Dhabi (still KBR(UK)).

    I can honestly and sincerely say that without exception every one of the guys who works for KBR(UK) in either theatre provides a first class service, and is proud to support our forces on operations. That might sound a bit american but there is no other way to put it. Sadly we lost 3 individuals to incoming in Basrah in late 2006.

    Please do not assume that KBR(UK) and KBR(US) are the same, they are not. The ethos is different, the client is different and therefore the manner of operation is different, There is a fair sprinkling of ex military within the management structure at KBR(UK) and many of the old and bold have been working with the UK military since early Bosnia days so they often know what you the customer needs before you ask for it.

    As a former serviceman of 25 years service I have no problem in saying that I am proud of the service we have provided to the UK military in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Finally to comment on the point related to pre deployment training. Those UK based tradesmen who deploy attend a standard UK contractors OPTAG package run by the UK military, you only go to Houston for pre-deployment training if you are deploying on Logcap for KBR(US).

    As Smithy says, KBR(UK) are always looking for quality tradesmen for overseas work and as usual anyone wishing to apply can PM me and I will pass the contact details of the HR guy at Leatherhead. This is no guarantee that you will get a job but I can put you in touch with the right man. Oh and being UK based the pay is in coin of the realm.
  9. Just to Back up what RogerOut has said.

    My rather horrendous experience was KBR US not with KBR UK.

    Not to seem all nationalistic,but I have met many people who prefer to work with Brits and British firms due to their rather refreshing hands-on approach to work and hard-work ethos......don't let the UK media tell you otherwise, Brits are often valued and preferred workers for a lot of companies.

  10. Same here, I was with KBR US. Houston was very interesting 8O

    Totally agree with all you say BaldBaBoon.
  11. Hmmm, working for KBR, a difficult question.

    The money is pretty good, a Class One draughtman earns around £52000 pa tax free, with their Technical Officers on £62000 and their Chartered Engineers on close to £75000.

    If you are ex military you have a foot in door straight away, you could quite easily have an Royal Engineers Association dinner in Afghan.

    The problems begin with the set up. KBR UK is made up of several different divisions, the Infrastructure Support Provider, Soft Facilities Management, catering, logistics, the design management team, the ordered works team etc etc. There is a lot of internal politics between these different divisions which can be quite frustrating. I have also seen some employees hounded because they have raised safety concerns about contractors. I have seen employees shifted around because they have raised questions over designs and buildability.

    All that said, for the most part the guys on the ground are a decent bunch, are pretty flexible and will help out where possible.
  12. I deploy on 17/09/09 to Afghan on the construction side. I had a lot of questions, but nearly all were answered after the interview or with the very comprehensive pre-deployment pack that I was given. If anyone has any questions please PM me, and I will try to help.
  13. I have been put forward for a Project Management job with KBR (UK) and would appreciate any info that anyone could throw my way with regard to what the company is like to work with these days.

    Ta :)
  14. There are no Project Management jobs going in KBR UK- Have you been offered work in the UK or Afghanistan? What type of work do you believe you will be involved with.
  15. Project Management of construction projects including catering facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Based at the Leatherhead office with overseas travel as required. I was called about this role on Friday afternoon and interviews are being held on Monday. Are you sure that you are as informed as you think you are ;)