KBR coming soon to a Police Station near you?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Boumer, May 3, 2012.

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  1. US military-industrial giant KBR in bidding to privatize British police forces | MilitaryFeed.com

    Well, at least confession rates should go up if the custody suite resembles Gitmo?
  2. Kellogg Brown Root? Is that a vegetable or something you'd need penicillin for?
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  3. I didn't think it was possible to imagine but KBR might actually be able to make plod cantine food worse.
  4. I don't think that is actually scientifically possible mate.

    I've been in some canteens that look like the bit in star war when Luke meets Han Solo for the first time.

    (Apart from the city of london, they are nice!)
  5. And so the destruction begun by politicisation of a once proud public institution by both labour and tory governments continues apace behind the scenes. The new weapon of choice, privatisation.
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  6. You've got a canteen? Oooh that's posh! Your force must be loaded.
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  7. KBR for when haliburtion are not incompetent and corrupt enough.They killed a few US soldiers with dodgy wiring in shower blocks and then whined about having to pay to fix the problem. ISTR.
  8. A distinct lack of info on their rivals. G4S? Carrillion? Sodhexo? Another Police Force??
  9. It worked well in the film 'Robocop' why don't we have private firms in charge of policing? What could possibly go wrong?
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  10. Oh great, what a ******* brilliant idea that is. Privatise one of governments primary objectives of protecting the public. I suspect that the capture, prosecution and incarceration of criminals will become profitable. What's the bet that the more criminals they catch, the more money they make. Therefore, don't waste time on crimes where it's hard to get a conviction e.g. rape, professional burglary, gang crime, etc. Lets concentrate on the low hanging fruit. Drunk and disorderly, littering, traffic offences etc.

    Some things you can't privatise, some things need to be a function of government and law enforcement is one of those things.
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  11. KBR has issued the following response to the Times piece:

    The article in The Times ("Pentagon contractor bids for British police deal”, 3rd May 2012) misrepresents KBR's track record of providing support services to the UK Government.

    KBR's UK based business has provided successful operational support to a range of UK Government Departments around the world for more than a decade.

    The support services that KBR delivers enable our clients to focus on their core functions. What we do so successfully for MOD at home and on operations can also support the police service in a way that will improve their ability to keep local communities safe.

    KBR already provides support services to the police in the UK. We are, for example, supporting the police during the Olympic Games. Like many other companies facing the public sector, KBR is interested in helping West Midlands and Surrey Police improve their efficiency, but we have no interest in "privatising" the roles of front-line police officers.

    As the competitive process for the 'Business Partnering for Police' programme has commenced it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.
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  12. Er, it would appear not...