KBR bans mobiile phones in Iraq

Interesting to see this directive from KBR, regarding the use of personal mobile phones in Iraq. What's the current MOD stance on personal phones in theatre / are they likely to follow KBR's lead?

(CNN) — A major Defense Department contractor has ordered its employees in Iraq to turn in their personal cell phones because “of a safety and security concern.”

Houston, Texas-based KBR issued a statement saying the company had sent a message with the order to its Iraq employees, but it did not explain the concern that prompted it. “The matter giving rise to this message is still being reviewed by KBR management, so the company will not provide further comment at this time,” the statement said.

According to an e-mail obtained by CNN, the company issued the order to all KBR employees in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait — although in its communications with CNN, the company specified only Iraq. In the e-mail, employees are ordered to stop using their cell phones as of 8 a.m. Saturday and turn them in to the company’s human resources department.
Source: CNN

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