KBR and Medals

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by D-Runner, Feb 13, 2010.

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  1. Have a cousin who worked for KBR in basra for 3 years he was on £60.000 a year tax free for plumbing. He came backhome on leave saying the soldiers were all loosers and he was better than them . He claims his equivalent rank is army captain and says all soldiers need to call him (sir). Anyways this ideot i speak off got a medal for service.

    Feel free to leave your opinions because next time he starts his shit ill show him this forum and say the army lads said say your captain walt.
  2. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Fcuk off wedge!! :D
  4. He is talking crap

    Roger out! is an ex WO1 and was with KBR for 3 years in Basrah
  5. Best bang your claim in to the KBR Medals Office ASAP then! :lol:

  6. Considering that most of KBR are Ex squaddies, your cousin must have been really popular out there.
  7. He would have been acting mr nice guy over there.
  8. Come on Wedge, own up!
  9. so, he went from fixing siht houses to being a siht house....................

    sounds like an ebay ,walt, medal hunter
  10. Your posts make my teeth itch.
  11. OK perhaps some further clarification is required.

    To be fair, we all got medals for being there, put in perspective we were there 3 years when most soldiers were there only 6 months and RAF 4 months at a time, I know its not the same but some of our guys were in some of the camps that were under regular attack at some points and we were getting fairly regular incoming round about when I left at end of 2006. 2 weeks after I left a mortar hit the compound I worked in and killed 3 of our staff.

    I have posted pon a previous thread about the rights and wrongs of civilian contractors being awarded medals and in my view they are just as entitled as anyone else. They are actually deplyed under MoD rules and have MoD ID cards and are probably more entitled than some civvies who get them.

    To be fair the rank thing probably came about because at one point the Military did an exercise to give us all equivalant ranks to allow some of us mess privileges but most didnt pay much attention to that. The same thing happenned when many of us were in Kosovo in 2000 with Hiberna FM
  12. It's not me - I'm keeping my powder dry for the forseeable future. Besides, this kind of wind-up is straight out of 2006.
  13. No Its not Wedge
  14. Sorry, my WAH-dar is off! :D
  15. arnt het ops employed by kbr ?